Warm and even warmer.

Almost to the weekend

I haven't been sleeping well lately and I just had to figure out what day it was. lol I was trying to decide if it were Wednesday or Thursday. :P . It's Thursday or at least my MacBookPro says so.  I'm glad it knows! 

I decided to make today and no walk day.  I stayed home and relaxed. I even took a nap.  Hopefully it won't mess me up for sleeping tonight.  I hope I'll sleep like a rock!  I did leave the house today.  It was day seven on a Pokemon streak.  I didn't want to miss today's, so I went to hit a Pokestop.  While I was out, I went to Roses and got some undies and sleepwear.  I needed both.  I hope I like the undies.  They had four pair for $5, not bad!  I always carry more pair of underwear to the beach than I would ever need. LOL . Hey, it's always good to be prepared. Also, I have been needing some sleep shorts for a while.  A lot of mine are starting to wear out.  Maybe I can find some more cheap at the beach.

One more week to go.  Ahhh!  We leave on Monday May 27.  I want to go NOW! :p . In other news, I started another one of my puzzles today.  It's so colorful and pretty.  I got the outline done and several of the plates of candy.  I will probably finish it tomorrow.  

I thought about going to Starbucks today, but then I thought about it.  I should save all the money I have on my card for the beach trip.  I can easily walk to a Starbucks every day if I want to!  I have money on the card and enough for two drinks or a tumbler or coffee.  Cool!  I hope to make it back to that ocean front one I found last trip. 

The place we are staying this time has two piers in close walking distance.  I hope to go out on at least one.  I'll probably go up on both, but I am not sure if i'll pay to go out on both.  We'll see when we get there. 



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