Spring Fling!
Puzzles for days!

On time today!

I got my walk it at the regular time today.  It was a bit cooler earlier so that was nice.  I forgot to carry any change with me and I couldn't get a drink at my half way point.  I was going to use Google or Samsung pay but I hadn't set up one with the right card, and they one I did set up I needed the number on the back of the card.  I was only off one number. In other words, I didn't get a drink!  Oh well, at least it wasn't as hot as it has been.

After I came home, I did my usual things.  I had lunch and then was relaxing a bit. I remembered that I had planned to go to the recycle center, so I loaded up my car and went.  I got that done and then went over to Food Lion to recycle my bags.  The recycling bins have "no plastic bags" on them, so I save those separately.  Food Lion has bins outside just for those, so I got those recycled too!  I left my car running at both places.  I was able to get down there and back with no issues, so that was good.

I picked up my book again last night and I actually read more on it than I have since I started it. lol It's getting a lot better and there have been some new characters added that I like.  One of them is a pup!  i love dogs, so I love books with dogs in them.  Heck, my Zombie books are full of dogs. LOL . We have... let's see, two grown Corgis, many Corg pups, a Jack Russell, a mini Doxie, a terrier mix, a poodle mix, a lab, a golden mix, lab and golden puppies, and ... I think that is all? Yeah, we have a lot of dogs.  There are three cats, too! :P The dog in this book is a Viszla.  Very cute pooches!  They better not kill the dog.  That will ruin the entire book.

I am going to read some more on that after I post this.  I have all my other chores done for today, so I can spent some time reading.  I would like to finish it tonight, but I don't know if I'll have time.  OH! I forgot to mention that I DID get the Goodreads widget to work!  It's on the blog now so you can check it out. :)


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