Good evening!
Afternoon picture post!

Thursday morning.

Hello!  I'm sorry about that short post last night.  It took so long for me to get the photo uploaded that once it did, I just published the post and gave up! lol . The picture doesn't do the bag justice, but there you go.  After we got back here, I went to a quick walk out to 17 to the Bargain Beachwear.  I was disappointed as it wasn't as big as I'm used to.  It was disappointing really.  I did get a couple of discounted decals and a shirt that was $5.99 . It wasn't my size, but it looked big enough.  

I left there and walked back across 17 and then headed back to the room.  The street I walked through to get from Ocean blvd to 17 was sort of creepy, so I went back a few streets up and came back that way! :p . I came back here and waited for the fireworks that never came. :( . They didn't shoot them off. Boo!  That was disappointing!  I decided to walk, so I walked on the beach down to the Sky Wheel area on the beach.  I walked a little bit past that and walked to Pier 14.  I took a few pictures under it as it's lit up underneath at night and then headed back.

Today's plan is to go to the Pavilion / Sky Wheel area and visit my favorite stores.  There is going to be a festival going on tomorrow and this weekend, so it's going to be crazy crowded down there.  I want to miss all of that! I'll try to take a lot of pictures down that way to share.  Here is one from under Pier 14 from last night.



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