Saturday status

Friday, again!

What a difference a week makes.  Last Friday I was at beautiful Myrtle Beach.  I would probably be typing this blog post out on the balcony.  Sadly, I'm home and posting from my bedroom.  I've seen a lot of it this week since I've been sick.  I'm feeling a LOT better today.  I'm not well yet, and I'm not going to overdo it, but I can tell I'll feel normal again soon.

I finally got those poor clothes out of the dryer from Sunday and started another load of stuff.  I also did something interesting. I adulted. lol . My toilet seat cracked before the beach trip.  It's probably been on that toilet since it was installed many, many years ago.  It was just starting to look worn.  It cracked where I could still use it but I had to be careful!  I have another bathroom that cannot be used so I just swapped out the seats on Sunday for the time being.  I went for a search on Amazon and found a nice seat for less than$18 on Amazon.  The one I had in the other bathroom was plastic and it didn't feel solid to me.  I wanted one like I had so I went looking.  This one was nice and it was a great price so I ordered it.  Prime shipping and it was here today.  I was able to clean the toilet and while I was doing it, I got an alert on my phone.  The seat was delivered. LOL!  Good timing all around.  

I put the new seat on and it's nice. It's sturdy and a lot like my old one, but it's so new and nice looking.  I love it.  Good old Amazon!  I remember when I got that plastic one, it was expensive so I was happy to see this one for so cheap on Amazon!

Okay so I mentioned this in the post that disappeared yesterday before I could posted it.  I mentioned how many puzzles I got at the beach.  How many did I get?  Twenty one!  Fifteen were individual ones and there was that one that had six in it.  All but three were brand new and still sealed and three are vintage.  Hopefully I can start one this weekend.  I'm going to wait until Monday to try to walk again.

One, because I want to make sure I am ready, and two it's supposed to be rainy and bad weather all weekend.  Sounds like a good weekend for coffee, puzzles, and reading!  Speaking of reading, I've gotten back into the book I'm reading.  I'm still not loving it, but it's getting more interesting and I hate to give up on a book.  I hope to get a lot more done on it or finish it this weekend.

Okay, I guess that is good for today.  I am copying this just in case I have another error.  I want this post to show.  I am not typing it up again! LOL!


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