A little more done!

It's done, yay!

Yes, I finished that crazy puzzle today and it took a lot longer than I was expecting. lol That last part of all the purple flowers was killer.  I got it done though.  I am going to try an easier puzzle for my next choice. :p

I've already done my NaNo and my French for today.  I am going to do some organizing in Evernote once I post this.  I am creating more notebooks in there and collecting everything in Evernote. Yes, I'm still going to do a big Evernote post.  I love it.  One of my favorite things is the Evernote web clipper that you can add to your browser.  (I have mine on Chrome) If I see something I want to save for later, I just use the web clipper and it saves it to Evernote. It's so handy!

I went to the grocery store tonight to get a few things that I needed.  I had coupons from prior purchases and 'shop and earn' coupons.  I got a lot of stuff for not a lot of money.  That is always good.  The only bad thing was when I came out and tried to start my car. Guess what wouldn't start?  I had purchased cold stuff, so I did not want anything to go bad.  I got out and tried the jump box my friend lent me.  It worked well and I was able to get it started. Yay!  I came right home and put my stuff away.  I was happy that it worked so well. It was easy to do, too!  



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