Thanks, I hate it!
Yikes on several bikes!

Not today I didn't!

I didn't even get the puzzle out to work on today.  Why? Well, I was lying in bed just relaxing since I didn't sleep well again last night.  My phone rang and it was my friend that lives up the street.  She 'needed to get out of her house' for a bit so she wanted me to go with her.  I want to get out ALL the time and she will never take me, but I digress!

While I was on the phone with her, her son said, "come on up!" lol . I told her to ask if he wanted to go with us. He did, so I went on up. He is 21 and I love him to pieces.  Anyway! He rode with and we went to Arby's for lunch.  She needed to eat.  After that, we went to Starbucks. I needed coffee. lol . We went to Petsmart after that to get some stuff for her son's cats.  We got the stuff and went back to their house.  I had the amusing fun of watching the two of them give baths to two of the cats. LOL!!!!!!  It was HILARIOUS.  I stayed awhile after that. My friend's hubby came home (also a friend) and he and I got in to discussion of our books. He writes too.  We were telling each other about plots and characters and all that good stuff!

I finally got home after 8pm and I didn't feel like getting the puzzle out.  I will work on it tomorrow, OR I will put it back in the box tomorrow. LOL  Seriously,  I haven't decided yet.  Oh! I did get something cool in today's mail. I got two pocket size cahier Moleskine notebooks that are Evernote branded.  It comes with stickers and you can use it to take pictures of the pages and add them to Evernote.  Pretty nifty!  I also love to have a notebook of some type in my purse and these are compact.  ALSO! They came with one month of Evernote Premium! Yay! They give it to you as points.  10 points is a month of Premium and 120 points would be a year.  I entered that and I got one of my friends to sign up for Evernote today and I got 10 points for that.  I'm saving them for when my year runs out. I'm hoping to have enough to get another year of premium. ^_^ 



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going to have some time with chinese bus to niagara falls to have some time with be great time.

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