CampNaNoWriMo is complete!
Puzzle, puzzle, puzzle!

Slow, slow, slow

That is how that puzzle is going.  It's missing a lot of pieces. It's very upsetting.  I am still going to try to finish it.  I have all the pieces out on my white board now and I can see that there are several that are missing.  I'm hoping when it's all done that it won't be too bad, but so far, it's quite a lot!  

I meant to get so much stuff done today and I did nothing. I only worked on the puzzle. You can see my progress here:


Again, I did buy it with another old puzzle, so I'm hoping that any missing pieces are in the other box. I also hope the other puzzle is more complete!

Yesterday, I ran to the library and checked out The Simpsons movie and three books. I watched the movie last night and I know I've seen it before, but I remembered NONE of it.  The only thing that sparked a memory was Spider Pig and Bart's "Doodle". lol  After watching it, I kept wondering if I actually HAD seen it before.  I'm still not sure.  It is a twelve year old movie, so there is that.  Who knows, not me!


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