I'm alive and stuff...
A little more done!

What the heck was I thinking?!

So, I started a new puzzle today.  Since the last puzzle I did had a lot of flowers in it and it wasn't too bad, I figured this one would be either. WRONG! lol . This one has a lot of the same flowers throughout the puzzle.  It's going to be a challenge.  I got the sky and mountains part done pretty easily, though.  I will work on it again tomorrow.  I had a lot of things I needed to do so I got that top part done and then set it aside.  

I still need to do some for NaNo, and I need to get my bed linen back on the bed.  I already washed my hair and did all my other things for today.  I'm getting close to finishing the book I'm reading. It's really good.  I've been checking all the emails I get daily for free/cheap ebooks and found five or so ... well, some from those and two from being an Amazon Prime member.  I found one zombie book that was offereing the third book.  I clicked on it to look and saw that book two was free too.  I looked for book one and found that I had downloaded it to my Kindle sometime ago.  I don't remember reading it, so I'll check it out.  I went ahead and 'bought' books two and three.  I love free ebooks. I find new authors this way and it's fun!

I am still loving Evernote. I've been organizing it and adding stuff to it.  I found a YouTube channel last night where a guy does Evernote tutorials.  I found out tonight that he has a whole bunch of videos on Evernote.  I just added one to my Watch list and I subscribed to his channel last night. 

I plan to use Evernote for my French learning too!  It's just so darn useful. I will be doing an entire Evernote post soon.  Look for it! For now, enjoy the little bit of puzzle that I got done. ^_^




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