So far ahead!
When your errands lead to Starbucks


I finished the puzzle today.  Well, almost.  I'm missing a piece.  I'm hoping it's just misplaced as this was a brand new puzzle sealed in the box and sealed in a bag.So far I haven't found the missing piece.  The puzzle was so crazy at times.  As I mentioned yesterday, there were pieces that were shaped pretty much exactly the same and the colors were similar. It made for some interesting working!  I had to take pieces out a few times and put them in different places. lol  I finally got it all done except that one piece. I hope to find that one piece eventually.

I'm working on ideas for my next book for NaNo in November.  I am going on with my series as I'm not quite done with the characters yet.  I have an idea of a storyline, but I need to work out the details.  I also want to do a character sketch ahead of time for the new character that is going to cause a lot of problems.  I want to get that done and I also want to get exactly how I am going to have it play out.  I'm going to go into Evernote and grab that template I use for characters and then open Scrivener and put that in there to flesh out my new character. I'll also put any notes in there / and in Evernote as I go along.  Evernote is great for that because I always have my phone with me.  Scrivener would be portable if I had the iOS version, but I have the desktop version.  If there was an Android version, I'd probably get that to have.  Yes, I have an iPad mini, but I don't carry it with me unless I'm going on a trip.  It mainly stays at home. Anyway! Enjoy the mostly finished puzzle!



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