Saturday noon... last full day.
Saturday evening...

Saturday afternoon!

So, I'm sitting on the balcony now that it's a bit cooler in the shade out here.  I'll probably be here until we go eat and then back until I pack my things tonight.  I've been for a short stroll on the beach and I took a ton of pictures. I'll share some if the wifi will let me.  It's been doing quite well in the last few minutes, so hopefully it is going to be okay.  I posted to my Evernote blog and it went through fast.  That means for now, the net is working! :P

I went down to the ocean and put my feet in the water.  I love to do that.  I picked up a few shells that I spotted as I walked.  I don't collect shells like I used to as I have SO many, but I will still pick up ones that are unique or catch my eye.  Last night's late night walk netted quite a few and a big rock!  It's pretty cool.  I'll try to remember to take pictures of some of the shells and things when I get home.  I'll also take pictures of all my goodies that I bought then too.  After buying that hoodie yesterday, I'm low on funds.  I'll be okay though!  I really shouldn't have spent that much on the jacket, but I really liked it and I knew I would regret it when I got home if I didn't.  Plus, it was 20% off! lol

Okay, so, enjoy some pictures.  I'll probably post again this evening after we get back and I'm back out here. I've already done today's French lesson, so I don't have to worry about that later. ^_^



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