Thursday post
Starbucks, yes!

Starbucks denied!

I had to run to Dollar Tree to pick up a few things I needed and decided while I was out, I would get some Starbucks and bring it home with me.  I hadn't written for NaNo yet today and I thought it would be good writing fuel.  I go over, get in line, and am the only one.  Yay!  I ask if they still have cascara because they are about to be out of it.  They DO have it. Yippee!  I order my usual.  A cascara latte.  Then, the dreaded words come.  We can't make hot drinks, the machine is not working correctly. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

It can be made over ice! The helpful barista suggests to me. I do not like iced coffee so I had to turn her down. lol . I was nice about it and she was nice, so it was all good, but I didn't get my latte. :(   Oh well!  I came home after that.  I opened up Scrivener to start my NaNo but so far I only wrote 67 words. LOL!  I might write some more in a little bit.  I'm a good deal ahead, so I very small word count day is not going to hurt much.

I went to Goodwill this afternoon and found two pair of jeans that I liked.  They both fit and I had to figure out which pair I wanted.  I got one and told my friend that takes me out to eat about them.  I had mentioned before that I desperately needed some pants for winter but I hadn't had a chance to go look for any.  He offered to buy me the other pair. Yay!  He came and got me and we went over there and I was able to go right to the pair I'd tried and grabbed them.  I also found a cute little stuff RCA dog Nipper.  :)

Oh, earlier when I went, I saw a nice padded laptop sleeve for $2 so I bought it. When I got home, I realized that it was brand new. Score!  It's bigger than my MBP but it will still work for it.  I can also use it for some of my Linux laptops if I want to carry them anywhere.  I found a little set of cute stationery for .59 while in there too.  

On my second trip to Goodwill with my friend, I only got the second pair of jeans and the little Nipper plush.  Afterward, we went to a local place we'd heard about but never tried.  We tried it and it was great!  The cheeseburger and fries were cooked to order and they were both delicious!  A definite spot to add to our list of places to eat. :)


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