Hello from under my tree.

Cascara latte? Oh yeah! :D

My friend texted me today and asked if I would like to eat around 7. I said I'm ready now.  This was about 5:20 or so. lol . He picked me up a few minutes after 7 and we went to eat.  We ate at one of my favorite local places that we don't get to often so that was a treat.  It was delicious! He wanted a milkshake at Cookout but the line was around the building, so he went to get gas and carried me around to look at some lights. Yay!  We went back by Cookout but they were still busy so he went to look at more lights.  He also asked if I'd like to go to Starbucks. YES, Yes, I would!  I asked if he minded if I were in there for a bit as I wanted to try to get the cards I didn't have.  He said no problem, so I went and found several that I needed. I ordered a drink, not what a wanted because they are out of cascara.  Well, I am talking to one of my favorite baristas about the cards.  She didn't ring me up but she was making my drink.  As she was about done with my drink, I mentioned cascara and asked if she thought they would get some back in the summer.  She said they HAD cascara. Me: O_o She looked and sure enough, there was a brand new bottle opened and on the counter.  

"Would you rather have that?"  She asked.  I told her if she'd already made the other, nevermind.  She then pours the almost completed drink out and makes me a cascara latte. AND she gave me a grande.  I had ordered a tall. I love my baristas! I got my favorite drink and it was so delicious.  Since I'm the only one that orders cascara, I should be able to get them for a long time. YES!  So happy!

OH! I also asked her about the multipacks.  Those you can't get without loading them.  I asked if they had any left over after the holiday could they save out one for me if they were just sending them back. (I guess this is what they do) . She said she'd ask and if it was okay, they'd save them for me. Yippee!  So happy! I now have almost all this year's holiday cards. I am still missing a few, but I hope to get those on eBay.  These are single ones that they either didn't get or are out of.  I got a cascara latte, got delicious food, and got to see lights. I was a happy camper!


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