So tired!
Goodbye 2019!

Mmmm cascara latte!

I went to Starbucks tonight and got a delicious cascara latte.  Wonderful!  I didn't do anything else while out.  I got several orders of Starbucks cards from eBay auctions in the mail today and an Evernote shirt. :)  I found an Evernote t-shirt on eBay and I bought it. It's too small, but I hope to lose weight again and then I can wear it.  I would have a picture to share, but I had to toss it in the washing machine.  It smelled horrible.  It smelled exactly like clothes that come from Goodwill.  I am not sure, but I'm thinking they all have some kind of spray they use on stuff. The jeans I got recently had to be washed a bunch of times just to get that scent out.  The scent smells like perfume and it's horrible.  I wish they would stop using it.  I am hoping only one wash will work for this shirt.

I finished the puzzle today. It's missing a piece.  The last puzzle was missing a piece too! I looked for it everywhere and didn't find it.  Then, yesterday, I look at the floor and it's laying right there!  I'm hoping the missing one from this puzzle shows up too.  I swear it's so annoying to not have all the pieces.  These were both brand new sealed puzzles.



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