I'm alive! No, really!
Mmmm cascara latte!

So tired!

I have washed my bed linen and put it back on the bed. I have another load of laundry in the dryer and another smaller load of laundry in the wash.  I also took my Yule tree down and put it away.  That was crazy and my back was killing me.  I am glad to have it done and the bed linen back on the bed. I'll probably let the clothes stay in the dryer until tomorrow. LOL 

I started on a new puzzle today.  I finished the other one last night and I got a lot done on a new one today.  I was thinking this one was going to be harder than it was because of all the different colors but it's been pretty fun. I'll finish it up tomorrow.  The only thing on my to-do list today that didn't get done was going to Starbucks. I'll go tomorrow.

My friend, the one that takes me to eat and to the beach, said he'd help me get a microwave.  Mine is peeling inside and it smells absolutely horrible.  I figured that I'd pick the one I wanted and we'd go pick it up today as I planned to pay him back for it.  I get up today and not long after I'm up, he texts me that to let him know when I'm up as he is bringing my microwave over! WHAT?! lol. He bought me a much nicer one that what I could afford.  I still plan to try and pay him back, but I have a feeling he won't let me.  It's a nice big one and it's so much nicer than my old one.  I love it.  I tried it out today and it works well.  The old one was worrying me because of the paint peeling inside and the smell.  I hope this one lasts me a long time. :)



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