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January 2020

On a roll on this one!

I started the last 500 pieces Thomas Kincade puzzle today and got a lot done. It's a lot more colorful than the others and easier to work.  It will be more difficult tomorrow as I did the light areas today. :p   I'll get it done though.  It's really pretty.  I love these puzzles even though they are a bit more difficult to do.  I didn't go out today.  It was cool and it rained off and on for a lot of the day.  I had wanted to go to Starbucks, but I just didn't feel like going out in the cold and wet.  I had a killer headache earlier today.  It was the kind that even clearing my throat made it hurt.  I laid down and took a nap this afternoon and that helped quite a bit.  I still have a bit of a headache but it's not as bad as it was. 



Thursday thoughts

Hoo boy, this puzzle was crazy hard.  The colors are so similar and it's so muted, it was something else finishing it.  I did finish it though and it's very pretty.  I will do the last of the 500 pieces ones tomorrow. It's got a lot of bright colors in it so it should be a lot easier.  I'm going to miss the nice think pieces of these puzzles, though!

Last night I was looking for something and I came across a puzzle in a box.  I have no idea when or where I bought this puzzle.  The box is open so I must have worked it before.  It's Encore brand and it's pretty.  I hope it's all there!  I'll probably do that after I do this next one.  I really have no idea where it came from. It's so weird!  Oh well, I'll enjoy working it anyway!

My friend wanted to eat, so we went to a local place we like.  It's a walk up and order and then wait in your car until your number is called.  You then go back up and pick up the food. It's delicious food and we love it.  We did that instead of bothering with going in anywhere.  Afterward, he went to get himself a shake and then asked if I'd like a Frappe from McD's.  I did, and we went, but the machine was down. ~_~;  He offered to run me to Starbucks, but I didn't want to make him do all that, so I just came home.

I was working on the puzzle before he picked me up and I finished it after I got home. It took longer than I had planned, too! LOL!



These Thomas Kincade puzzles are very pretty but they aren't the easiest puzzles ever.  They have such muted colors it's difficult to work them but it's worth it when they are done.  They are pretty enough to frame and display.  I am on the third of the 500 piece ones.  I got a good start on it today.  The last 500 piece one has a lot of patches of brighter colors on it so it should be a little easier to do.  We'll see!  I have to get through this one first. lol


I'm not sure how I'm going to work on the 1000 piece one.  The 500 piece ones just fit with the pieces on the board. I guess I'll have to take out a certain color at a time like I used to do back in the early days of puzzles before I had the whiteboard.  I'm sure it will work.

I finished the true-crime book I was reading last night.  I have another one loaded on my Kindle, but I went to my library's ebook section and found a zombie book that looked good, so I borrowed it.  I think I'm going to read that and then read the second true crime book.  It's so hard to find true crime books to borrow. If I liked stupid romance books, I'd be set, but I prefer true crime, drama, dystopian fiction, and the like.  


Last night's post was a bit short because I was posting from mobile. I didn't want to mess with getting the laptop open.  I was being lazy in other words. :p   I am on the lappy tonight though.  I had to run an errand today and pick up a few things at the grocery store.  I was able to get in and out pretty quickly so that was good!  I turned the car off to go in and thankfully it started right up when I got back out so yay!  I was going to leave it running, but sometimes it takes longer in there than planned and I didn't want to risk the car overheating or anything else going wrong. 

I finished the puzzle today. It's another pretty one.  I enjoyed these two puzzles.  They are a bit difficult with all the muted colors, but they are still fun to do.  I have two more of the 500 ones from the box and one 1000 piece one.  Here is the one I finished today:


Isn't that pretty?  I am enjoying these puzzles.  I hope to find another set like this at some point.

Welcome to a new week

I didn't leave the house today. Wait! I did go out in my yard long enough to grab a bag of stuff a friend brought by. It felt nice out there. I should have spent some time out there today. Oh well! 

I started a new puzzle. It is another from the box o' puzzles. I swear these are some intense puzzles! Lol!  They are all going to be very pretty though. 


Busy Sunday!

I am currently drying my hair under the hair bonnet dryer.  I have washed my bed linens, some extra linens, and my bed linens are in the dryer. I still have another load to put in the washer, but I stopped long enough to wash my hair.  I had to dry it before proceeding!

My friend got me a nice mattress cover and I put it on the mattress last week after I made the bed up after washing the linens.  The fitted sheet I have it a bit too small and with this new mattress cover, it slips off horribly.  I have had to adjust it every day.  That will drive me nuts, so I went looking to find another fitted sheet.  I found three that might be okay.  I decided to wash all three so I could pick the best one.  I hope they are deeper than the one I'm using.  

I finished the puzzle today and it's a beauty! It was a bit difficult.  I enjoyed it though as I said the pieces are nice and thick and they fit together well. I'll get one of the other 500 pieces ones and start it tomorrow.  Last night I said I paid $2 for this pack of puzzles. I looked at the box today and I only paid .99!  Now that IS a good deal!  Five good quality puzzle for $1? Yes, please!


Whoo boy!

So, I opened up that big box of assorted puzzles.  I had to figure out which bag was what puzzle.  There were only two that had a number of them and those were the same number.  It was the 1000 piece puzzle of the box.  There were four other bags in there and they were all the 500 pieces ones.  I had to look through the pieces and figure out which one was which by the pictures on the box.  It was interesting, but I got it figured out and decided to start on one fo the 500 piece ones.

Here is the progress so far:


It's got nice thick puzzle pieces, but the pieces are cut so weird.  So far it's been pretty fun to work and not too bad.  This is an entire box of Thomas Kincaid pictures as puzzles.  They are all really pretty. I hope all the pieces are there.  It was an 8 puzzle set and I only got five puzzles, but that is pretty darn good for $2!  It's a discontinued puzzle set because I looked it up to see if they had files with the full pictures so I could use them as reference.  I couldn't find any of those, but I did find several mentions of these puzzles.


Ah ha!

So, I went out to get the mail in today and notice it's a bit warmer than it has been. That is good.  The bad thing is it's raining now.  It's supposed to rain hard later. I'll have to check all my containers later.  I wouldn't mind rain if my damn roof didn't leak! 

I finished my puzzle today.  Whoo boy was it intense.  I'm glad I got it done though! It looks pretty cool put together.  Here it is:


Now all my Dollar Tree puzzles are done.  I'll probably do one of the 1000 pieces ones tomorrow or take one of the ones from the variety box I mentioned.  I also have the round one too.  I do have a Dollar Tree puzzle that I've worked already. It was one that fell apart when I tried to flip it.  I will save that one for when I have no 'new' puzzles.  

I only went out once today and that was to make sure my car was going to start.  It did, so I drove around a little while.  I didn't want to tax the battery by starting it up and turning it off.  I was tempted to stop at one place, but I didn't want to turn it off and take the chance it wouldn't turn back on. It's rainy and nasty and I totally didn't want to mess with it.

I finished the book I was reading this afternoon. It was apocalyptic, but not a zombie book.  The character s were great.  It was a good read.  I went looking for a new book to read. I was looking up free zombie books on Amazon and went to 'buy' one. It said I had it, but it wasn't on my Kindle. I checked and then delivered it to my Kindle and it's my next read. I'll start it before bed. I love being able to download free reads!

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but with Amazon Prime, they do have some free books, but I've only found one or two I would be interested in.  BUT they also have a 'first read' thing.  They send you a list of books at the beginning of the month and you can pick one to 'buy' for free.  This past montn, you could choose two.  I have already read one.  It was fiction and it was pretty good. The other is a non-fiction book.  



I love fireworks.  They are fun to watch.  They are not so fun to work as a puzzle. LOL!   I started my last Dollar Tree puzzle today and it's fireworks.  I bet you figured that out already, yes?  Anyway, I got a good start to it.  I was happy to get as much done as I did. Here is my current progress:


Pretty good start, yes?  I think so too!  As I was working on it today, my friend texted and asked if I wanted to go eat at the place we were going to the other day that was closed. I agreed and we went.  It was delicious!  It's a local barbeque place.  I got a plate that had pulled pork, french fries, hush puppies AND two sides!  It was a LOT of food and it was delicious!  I ate everything except some of my fries which my friend ate.  The two sides were macaroni and cheese. (delicious)   It was a filling meal and I'm still full! 

So, when we got back here, he was going to try to jump-start my car.  He was able to get it going and I drove it for a while to help charge up the battery.  He checked and he said the alternator was powering, so I might have just had a low battery.  I hope that is all it is!  It drove well while I was out.  When I pulled into the driveway, I went to turn it around like I always do and it cut off.  Luckily, it started right back up and I was able to get it parked.  I ran it for a bit longer and then turned it off and went in the house.  Hopefully it will start up fine tomorrow.

Oh! I took a quick picture of the 'new' Fossil bag outside while waiting on my friend. Here it is:



I wanted to take pictures of my cute new Fossil bag today, but it is way too cold outside. I might have done it any way except for one fact.  I went out earlier and tried to start my car. I was going to run by my friend's house and pick up a package he had delivered and hold it here until he got off work.  My car would not start. D'oh! I got the jump box out and it still wouldn't start. I tried for a while and got more irritated and colder as I went.  I gave up and brought the jump box in to re-charge it just in case it was too low.  I charged it fully and tried again later.  Nope, no luck! So, after that, I pretty much hid in my room to try and get warm.

I pulled out a puzzle and ended up doing the whole thing! I didn't mean to do the whole thing. I planned to save some for tomorrow, but I just got into it and kept going.  I thought it would be a lot harder than it was. It has a LOT of red in it as you will see!


I have one of the Dollar Tree puzzle bug puzzles left. I'll probably start that one tomorrow.  As for my purse, it's very cute! It's a bit smaller than I was expecting, but I can definitely make it work.  I have a cute little Fossil wallet that I've never used and it is the perfect fit for this because of the size.  Here are a few pictures I took.  Sorry for the lighting.  I wish I would have just sucked it up with the cold and took them outside!


I love the color! It's very cute and will make an easy bag to carry.  It has a nice pocket on the back and it fits my phone perfectly.  It's also fun that I get to finally use my little Fossil wallet. I actually bought it NEW at Belk. It was on clearance and I liked the color and I love Fossil so, there you go! :P    

Here that is. I put a Starbucks coffee stopper above it to show you how really small it is! I only have my license, my debit card, and my Starbucks gold card in it.  The most used cards.  I have a little card holder for everything else.  The flash makes the wallet look a little darker than it actually is.