Well that was a total oops!


My friend texted me last night and asked if I wanted to do a day trip today.  I knew that this meant thrifting!  I said yes!  He picked me up and ran by McDonald's so I could get some breakfast.  We filled up on gas and then headed out.  We went first to Reidsville, NC.  We went to a Salvation Army thrift store and a Goodwill.  At the SA, I found two mugs (a green one and a white one with a cute crocheted cozy), a cute glass bottle, and a pair of shoes.  Canvas flats (very cute for summer)

At Goodwill, I got two brand new with tags! stuffed Snoopys. a couple of stuffed jack o lanterns, and a cute dry erase board.  This was complete with the pens, push pins, and everything still in the shrink wrap.

We went on to Eden to the Goodwill there.  Neither of us found anything so we moved on.  We then went to Martinsville, VA.  We found a SA store there and went to it.  I got a Fossil purse for $1.50! Yay!  I also found some adorable snowman salt and pepper shakers still shrink-wrapped and this beauty:


Isn't it cute?  I looked it up and found the same mug on Amazon for $25 and I got this for $3.  Awesome!  While I was checking out, my friend says, 'Did you see this?"  and shows me a puzzle.  I hadn't seen it so I got it too! :P   

We went to a few more Goodwills, but I didn't find anything else.  I'm happy with my haul for sure.  My friend, the stinker, saw some micro USB cards in a case at the first SA store we went to.  There were four of them and they were $4 each.  He got them and they ended up being 256gb each! Lucky dog! 


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