Hoo boy am I tired!
Here is the desk area.

Busy, busy bee!

So I was trying to decide where I was going to use my little table/drawer thingy I got yesterday.  I moved some things around and found the perfect place for it.  It's going to sit beside my desk. I'm using the little drawers to hold pen pal supplies.  Stationery, envelopes, etc.  It's pretty handy and I have the entire top to do something with.  I may put a little basket it on it to hold letters when I get them and then I can put the ones ready to mail in it after I'm done! That would be pretty nifty.  It's a nice little piece of furniture.  This is also going to help in other ways.  I had a footstool beside my desk with a file container on it and some other stuff. I put the file box under my desk where it's out of the way but it's easy to get to when needed.  The footstool will now be free for me to use as needed. Before I had to move the little file box and all the things stacked on it. They are now files away elsewhere. I just have to decide where to store the stool.

I started on a new puzzle today.  It was one of the 12 I got from Dollar Tree.  It's pretty so far and hasn't been too difficult.  A nice change from that crazy berry one! LOL!  It has a lot of sky and I usually do sky first on puzzles, but I decided to be different and do the buildings first.  I got a good deal done on it.  Here it is:


I'll finish it tomorrow. I'm hoping my new debit card will show up tomorrow if so, I might go and pick up a few more groceries and things I need.  I am currently drying my bed linen and my hair! The lines are in the clothes dryer and my hair is under the hair bonnet dryer!  My MacBook Pro is down to 14% battery so I need to charge it pretty soon. I also want to share a picture of the desk area with the new shelf thingy.  I'll do that once my hair is dry and I get my MBP on the charger!  OH! I started the send book in the series last night and it's good!  I didn't read as much as I wanted because I wasn't feeling great last night and wanted to try to go to bed early. I did and I feel quite a bit better today.

OH! I forgot to put the little jack o lantern container in last night's post of the things I got.  I also forgot to mention I found a vintage "Barrel Of Monkeys" at one of the thrift stores.  This was a totally new one for us.  They were marked .99¢ but I got them for .40¢. Yay! They are from 1966. Pretty cool!


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