Whoo boy!
I'm not dead.

Another busy day

I got a lot done today, too! I put away a ton of dishes that I washed yesterday.  I also folded and put away the laundry I washed last night.  I have my bed linen in the dryer I'm just waiting to put it back on the bed.  It's going to be so nice.  I love clean bed linen! 

I washed my hair today and it was nice enough for me to let it dry naturally.  That was a nice change!  No sitting under the hair bonnet for a while.  That will be nice.  It was also warm enough that I didn't need to heat up water to do it.  I'm going to fix some dinner soon and then I'm going to relax until I put the linens back on the bed. I'm feeling a bit blah so I am hoping to crash early tonight and sleep it off.  

By the way, I finished the puzzle today.  Here it is:



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