Friday follies!
Another busy day

Whoo boy!

So, let's get this day done please!  I had a hard time sleeping because it was too warm in my room.  I turned on my fan and that helped.  This afternoon, I was sitting in my room and I was hot.  I looked up the weather on Google and it was in the 80's.  Well no wonder I felt warm!  I decided it was time to put my air conditioner in the window for the season.  It will make sleeping so much easier tonight.

I was thinking about putting that in the window while I was working a puzzle.  My friend texted and wanted to walk around 5 pm.  I agreed, so I got my lunch and then got the air conditioner in the window and had a little time to relax before he came.  We went to our new regular part of the trail and walked.  The sky got a little overcast and that helped make the walk a little cooler.  After we walked, he wanted a milkshake so we went to get that.  I got a soda and then we rode around a bit.  He asked if it were too early for me to eat.  I said, Nope! LOL. It's never too early. :p

We were going to Sonic, but they have now taped up all the drive-up bays and you can only go through the drive-thru and it was backed up a lot.  He decided to go to the barbeque place we recently tried.  They have a drive-thru and we got food there.  Delicious!  He ate here and then headed home.  After he left, I took my bed apart and then tightened everything back up and put the bed back together.  DOH!!!!!!  I just realized I forgot to measure the frame while I had it apart. ~_~;;; AHHHHHH. Hopefully this time my tightening will last for a while.  We'll hope so anyway.

So, let's share a picture of the puzzle in progress and one picture from the trail. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!  



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