Oh yeah!
Storms are fun!


I went to get a few things I needed today at the grocery store.  I was able to get everything I needed except for toilet paper. I wore a homemade mask and got in and out as quickly as possible.  After I loaded my groceries and carried the cart back.  I drove to another part of the shopping center and parked and ran into a Dollar General.  I went to the back wall where there is usually tp.  Well, the shelves were completely empty.  I was about to give up and leave, but I saw they had boxes out all over where they'd been stocking.  I found an empty box that used to have tp in it, then I see another box and SCORE!  I was able to get a pack.  I didn't even look at the price.  I just grabbed that bitch! LOL!

It was Charmin and it was a big package.  I usually buy the good store brand at Food Lion. It's not the cheapo kind, but it's a lot less expensive than any of the other brands.  This damn package rang up at right at $14 with tax.  I was shocked, but I didn't care.  It was so hard to find any, and this big pack will last me a long time and by the time I need more, I should be able to find some.  By then, the tp panic will hopefully be over! :p

Remember how I said they didn't deliver my Kindle case yesterday?  Well, when I was driving up the street to head to the store today I saw an Amazon envelope on my porch!  I got it when I came home and sure enough, it was my case.  The tracking STILL shows delivery attempted!!!!  That is so weird.  Now I'm wondering if it was out there all night!  I like the little cover and I can't wait for the Kindle to come so I can try it out. I finally shipped today so yay!  According to the tracking, it should be here Thursday so that makes me happy.  That is two days earlier than the scheduled time.

I don't think I mentioned it, but I ordered myself another NaNoWriMo shirt.  This one looked like the material from the one I got in 2018. I love that shirt and wear it A LOT.  They had everything on the site on sale, too.  They said it might take two weeks before it shipped. (Because of COVID) but it shipped already! Yay!  It's going to be a good week for mail. 

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I just got in 1821 more words on Camp! It's going well!  I'm now over the 12,000 mark.  I am quite please with my progress so far.  It looks like it's going to be more than 20,000 words.


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