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I went for a short walk out to Hwy 17.  It's overcast and it was drizzling just a bit on me. Not enough to have to use my umbrella, but enough where I decided not to stay out too long.  I went to two beachwear stores, Eagles and Beach Life.  I picked up a pair of marked down flip flops at Eagles.  The floor of the room isn't carpet, so it's pretty dirty and my feet are getting dirty.  I can't abide dirty feet!  I saw these flip flops and they were actually cute, so I got them to wear in the room.  I didn't buy anything at Beach Life.  I browsed for a while and then I walked to the McDonald's.  They are not letting you eat in yet, but they are letting you come in and get your food. I got a fry and Coke and went out front.  They have outside tables.  Luckilly for me, they have a couple of them under an over hang so I could eat without getting wet.  A Sparrow came and landed on the table in front of me and I gave him a fry.  I wish I could have gotten a picture.  He was there until a truck pulled up that was waiting on an order and they had pooches.  One of the dogs barked and scared my little friend away. Boo!

I am now back at the room sitting on the balcony.  It's nice and cool out here with the ocean breeze.  I was a bit overheated when I got back here but I'm feeling nice and cool now.  I will probably sit out here a while.  I hope my friend wants to go out and eat soon.  A single order of fries isn't going to last me long at all! lol. I took a few pictures while out.  I'll share some!




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