Friday evening post
Pier pictures from MB State park pier

Saturday post!!!!!!

Sorry I didn't post earlier today.  I actually slept in a little.  I was awake when my Fitbit alarm went off.  I turned it off and went back to sleep! Lol. I got up right at noon, so that wasn't too bad.  A little extra sleep is a good thing!  

My friend and I actually got out pretty quickly.  I had already dressed to go walking, but he wanted to go to Victoria's.  They are only open until 2 pm on Saturday.  We ate and then went to Goodwill (I found another 'new' Fossil bag.  We also went to the pawnshop for him.  We found another little thrift store and I got a cute Relic brand wallet in there.  We got a snack at McDonald's. (Fries and a Coke) and then we went to the Myrtle Beach state park!  We walked on a nature trail in there and that was nice.  I took pictures inside the park to share!

We walked to the pier that is in the park and I took pictures there too.  It's a cute little pier.  They have a gift shop and I was able to get two smooshed pennies to add to my collection! Yay!  I was quite pleased with that as everything in there was waaaay expensive.  I found a shirt that I really wanted, but it was $24.99! Yikes!  My funds are running very low so that was a no go from me.  Here are the pictures I took.  I'll do a separate post for pictures off the pier.





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