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So, my friend got off work early today. He hadn't heard back from the dealer but decided to go anyway. We drive all the way up there and the lot is EMPTY.  The dealer is gone.  No cars, just an empty lot.  WTF?  So we call the number and it's out of service. D'oh!  There is a lot next door, so we go and look at their cars.  The guy comes out and my friend tells him that we had been looking for the lot next door and the guy says they moved.

He gives us the new address and we head there.  Nope, that isn't the place. We go back and they say that it was the correct address but the car we were looking for was not there and we still don't think that was the correct place.  He said they moved and re-branded.  I think he was full of it! We did get to visit a few Goodwill stores, so the trip wasn't totally wasted.

I found a Fossil bag and a cool Gumby mug in the Goodwill store in Roanoke.  All in all it was a frustrating day.  We drove all that way for nothing.  Oh well, the search continues.  I didn't sleep well at all last night. It was extremely late / early morning when I finally got to sleep and I woke up before my alarm at 10:30, so I'm super tired.  I hope to sleep well tonight.  

Wish me luck!

My friend found a car for me out of town and he has made an offer on it and if they accept, we are going to go there tomorrow so I can test drive it! It's a 2009 so it will be four years newer than my car.  I am so hoping this will be my car.  Of course, I'll give details tomorrow. I don't want to jinx anything!

I've been looking at a certain make and model of car.  I'd been looking at some 2007s, but he found this 2009 one and it has great specs.  I'm so hoping I can get it. It will be awesome to have a reliable car.  This is coming from a dealership, so hopefully, I'll have support!

Sunday and an apology

Sorry for not p0sting yesterday.  I meant to and then it got late and I never did. My friend and I rode to a few places to look at cars and we were able to go to the Goodwill in Martinsville.  We haven't been in there since before COVID, so that was nice.  I found a Dunkin Donuts mug.  As you know, I'm a Starbucks girl to the core, but this was a nice mug.  It was from 2013 and it still had the sticker on the bottom!  It is in excellent/new condition and it was a whole twenty cents!  I also found a Keurig metal rack that fits washi! Of course I have containers for my washi, so I'll eventually use this for something else.

I went out to replace some of my Munzees today that needed maintenance.  I replaced two, I archived three (these are in hard to get to locations and I figured it wouldn't be any need to replace them. I only have on more I need to replace now.  It's at a picnic shelter in Dan Daniel's park. I went there today but there were people at the shelter, so I didn't bother them.  I drove to Angler's park and replaced that one.  That was the one that was the furthest away and I figured it would be a while before I got to it.  Nope, it was fixed today!  The other one was never the River on the other side and I replaced that one too and deployed a new one nearby.

I also got one virtual Munzee at another park in the city.  I hadn't been to that park in a long time.  It has changed quite a bit. I didn't get out there, I just captured it in the car. :p. 

I took some pictures down where I fixed one of my Munzees. It is near a dock where a bridge used to stand.  I loved that bridge and still miss it!   They have a plaque and an arch near the street and you can walk down to the dock.  





This last one is from the path near the dock. You can see the arch in the picture at the top of the steps.  (there are two sets of steps)



So, it is Friday again.  I didn't sleep well again last night so I am hoping to sleep well tonight.  It is that time of year when I have trouble sleeping.  I don't know what it is about this time of year but it happens just about every year!

I was going to order a zipper envelope pouch for my little TN but i knew I had one in my passport TN.  I figured it wouldn't be big enough but would do it until I could order the right size. It is perfect!  It has four credit card slots on one side and the 'zipper' pouch on the other.  I was able to sort and organize my Munzees even better in this.  I can still use the other guy too if needed.  I looked everywhere for that little TN yesterday and was trying my best to figure out where I put it.  I had a thought about one place I hadn't looked and there it was. Yay!  Now I don't have to order anything else.  I'm a happy camper.

As I was looking through the Munzee site, I noticed that on the 'needs maintenance' Munzees it has an option to 'print'.  I can reprint the actual Munzee so I can replace the damaged ones. Yay!  Since it would only show one at a time, I saved them as picture files and dragged them into a word file and printed them all at the same time.  I typed which was which under them so when I cut each one out, I wrote which was which on the back of it.  That way I'll be replacing the right ones at the right place. Awesome!  I have learned a lot from those early Munzees I deployed so these should hold up better.  I still prefer the ones I got from the Munzee store, but these will do for replacements. :)

My friend and I went to look at houses and cars.  He is hoping to upgrade his car and house.  He is also going to help me get into a 'new' car.  Not brand new, but newer than my car.  It will be nice to have a dependable car.  If the air works, I will be SOOOOOO happy! lol. It would be great to drive a car that doesn't overheat, always goes into gear, and has air! Whoo hoo! 



Munzee and more!

I received a new traveler's notebook in the mail today. :P. This one is bigger than a passport size.  It will hold small Moleskine cahiers and Field Note notebooks.  I made mine into a Munzee kit!  I can use it as that and if I want to change it up, carry it as a smaller tn in the future! I like the way I set it up.  I want to get another pocket type insert.  The one I'm using cam in another thing I got and I saved it. It fits perfectly in this little TN and I can store Munzees in there.  All the extras I have in an old Altoid tin.  I can add more to the TN as needed.  Neat, yes?

Of course, I had to give it a test run!  First I drove to a place where there was a virtual Munzee and captured it, then I rode to Ballou park and drove around trying to decide where to deploy a couple of Munzees.  I have deployed several in the park.  You can deploy one within 50 feet of someone else's and at least 150 feet from your own. (Or the other way around, I forget! LOL!) Anyway!  I was able to deploy two and that was fun.  I took pictures of the TN while there since I was outside is beautiful natural light.  Here are the pictures:


This is the TN itself.  I put it in the bag my Foxy came in to carry it in my purse.  It's such a cute size!


The inside.  I have a Moleskine Evernote notebook in there.  I am using it to keep track k of the Munzees as I deploy them to keep a record. (I also have a tracker in my bujo)


The little plastic guy that I'm using for now to hold my Munzees.  I used washi tape to secure everything since it's easy to remove and re-stick.  The blue post it has a list of ones that I need to repair that I've deployed in the past.

I think this will be a neat system and I can easily toss this TN in another bag if I go out without my  purse.  I think I'm going to love it.  I found this TN on Amazon for a very good price. It comes in brown, black, and dark brown (what I have).  Very nice quality. It came with one notebook and an extra band. Highly recommended!


I didn't get to sleep until after 4am last night and I have felt it all day.  I did get a lot done though.  I mowed the front lawn and I washed a ton of dishes.  I also made myself some delicious hash brown casserole.  I felt it would be a good present to myself. :p

I am currently reading a trilogy of post-apocalyptic books.  I finished book two last night and hope to start book three tonight.  It's really good.  It's not a zombie one for once. It's about a virus that kills off lost of people.  It's pretty damn good and I'm anxious to see how the third book goes.  The main characters are interesting.  I've enjoyed reading their story so far.



How do you like that title? lol  I was in my kitchen today about to fix lunch when my friend asked if I wanted chicken.  I replied that I always wanted chicken. :P

He brought over some KFC for us to split.  I still have some leftovers for tomorrow's lunch or dinner so that was good.  He got extra crispy and I'm an original recipe girl but I can deal! lol. 

Wow, this post is so exciting, isn't it?  I am going to close now and try to have a better post tomorrow. See you then!


I was just about to forget to post here.  I meant to do it earlier and we all know how that goes!  I had to do a bit of calling and driving, but I was able to get my prescription today.  It was ordered last week and my pharmacy didn't get any.  Today they said another store in the chain had it so I went there.  Well, they look and don't see it. I'm freaking (internally not their fault!) and he is trying to figure out something and he looks once more and he says, "The computer says we have it?!"  So he goes and looks again and found it. YAY! It had slipped behind or under something. I can't remember which he said.  I was just relieved to get it! It was hot out there, so I just clutched my pills and went home happy! Lol

My friend took me to eat again tonight and we went and looked at houses for him.  He is finding some he likes but they are waaay out of his price range.  I am hoping he finds the perfect thing for him at the right price. His current house isn't bad, it is just on a crowded street and it's just not ideal.  


I see a lot of wildlife in my yard.  I had to run to the grocery store today and when I came back, I saw two bunnies sitting in the yard.  I carried my things in and got my camera that has the zoom on it.  I took a picture of the cute little buns!  I also saw a Fawn in the yard.  I took a picture of him.  They are so cute!



Aren't these three cuties?  I love that different animals come in and out of my yard.  I have a resident groundhog, too! lol

Springmail Pier

Remember when I was at the beach and I said I'd do a post with the progress on the Springmaid pier that was damaged in a hurricane several years back?  Well, here that finally is! :P



I wish I had a view of it from the same distance, but I think you can see they've made a lot of progress on the rebuild.  Sorry, it took me so long to post.  I found some old sd cards tonight and I was looking on them and it made me think about it.

Umm... ew?

I went to one of my favorite local places today. I haven't been since the whole Covid thing started.  They have opened and started using their drive-thru (they took over the building from a burger joint). They never used the drive-thru but due to COVID, they have been using it.  This was my first trip there since it all began.  Backstory finished! LOL!  I got what I always get and it was quite a bit more than usual.  I knew they had gone up on prices, so I wasn't shocked at the window.  They did give me a lot more food than usual too.  That part was good since it was so much more.  The problem?  It tasted off.  It didn't taste like it was bad, it just had this weird taste.  I ate a lot and I still have also more for later. They loaded that box!  I just hope it was okay and I don't get sick. I think they might have used something different in there, I don't think anything was bad.  We'll see how my stomach feels in a few hours! LOL!

I called and ordered it an I was close by the restaurant so I went to the parking lot to sit and wait to go through the drive-thru.  While I was waiting, I opened the Munzee app to see if there were any Munzees close by, there was one but I wasn't sure exactly where it was and I didn't want to go all over.  I did find out that it was far enough way for me to deploy one of my own. :)




I had to keep convincing myself that it was, in fact, Friday. It doesn't seem like a Friday at all!  Oh well, it is and here I am posting.  I got my Munzee stuff today.  I got five of the big game piece Munzees, a sheet of 50 generic Munzees, and a grab bag assortment of Munzees.  It was a good haul.  I can't wait to go out and play.  I was going to do that today, but plans got changed.

My friend texted and said we'd eat and then he had a few places he wanted to go if I wanted to tag along.  I did, so I did!  We ate and then we went looking at a few houses.  He is wanting to move from his house somewhere else and is just looking at different places. I wish him luck in his search. I really liked one of the places he looked at.  It was pretty neat.  As for my own house situation, it's still uncertain, but I can't do anything about it, so I'm going to try not to worry about it.

I went out yesterday evening and got another container for my washi.  I had been able to get everything in my old containers, but everything was crammed in there pretty tight. Now I have plenty of space and I can always add more washi. As if I need more! I also got a few more things I needed for the house.  I spent a lot more than I had planned!  I still don't know how I did that.  Too much stress, I guess.

Anyway. I hope to get out and Munzee again this weekend.  Perhaps I'll do it on Sunday again.  I have many new Munzees now so I want to go deploy them.  Hopefully it won't be too horribly hot.  At least I hope it won't be!  We'll see.  As for now, I'm going to sit back and relax until bed time.  I slept poorly last night and I'm hoping to make up for that tonight.


I had a really bad day and I'm just going to skip today.  I may lose my house.  The only place I've lived for most of my entire life.  I don't want to talk about it or think about it, so please forgive me for this short post.  I'll try to get out tomorrow and do something to cheer myself up and I'll post then.


I didn't really feel like posting tonight, but I don't want to get into that attitude of not posting. It was rainy and messy again today so I didn't go out and do anything.  I wish it would clear off already! I currently have a killer headache that I wish would go away.  I just took some ibuprofen a bit ago so hopefully, it will kick in.

I was looking at my Munzee app today and realized there are a LOT of Munzees that I haven't captured in my city.  I am hoping for a clear, cool day soon!  I want to go capture some.  I also want to deploy more at the beach in September and perhaps some other places too.  If my friend and I go on a hiking trail this summer, I'll try to deploy some then and look for ones to capture.  It's fun.  I just wish I had a local friend that was into it too.

My friend's son and stepson got into it about one day a few years back. It didn't last though.  It would be fun to have someone else to go around with and do it.  Even better if that friend had working air conditioning in their car! LOL!

I finished my zombie book last night and today I started another book. Not a zombie one, though. It was a collection of short stories.  It was a fast read and I finished it already!  Some of the stories were pretty good and some were just meh.  I am not sure which of the ones I have on my Kindle I'll read next.  I probably won't start one tonight as it will keep me up too late like the one did last night. lol

Another messy day

It was rainy and bleah again today.  It's supposed to be like this tomorrow to. Boo on that!  I wouldn't mind the rain so much if my roof was in great condition.  With it like it is, it is just frustrating.  

My friend texted after work today and asked if I wanted to go eat and then go a few places. I said, sure!  We ate at a local place in the car and then went to Big Lots.  I was able to get some things I needed and three packs of Softlips.  They had two packs of Peppermint stick flavor and I got three of those!  I got other things I needed.  We also went to Ollies.  I ended up with yet another notebook/journal. :P

I also got some glue and some binder dividers for my Smash Journal.  The journal/notebook is based on Harry Potter. It's leather-like and sort of reddish colored.  It has Stupidfy! on the cover.  Pretty neat.  I didn't need a new notebook, but it was Harry Potter based, so...

Anyway!  I am over halfway through a new zombie book I picked up from Kindle Unlimited.  I have two more on to read later.  This one is pretty good.  It is the first in the series. I'm not sure if I'd continue the series of not.  We'll see.  I'd like to give some of the other ones.a try first.