A big oops!
More Munzee!

Munzee fun

I have mentioned Munzee in the past, I'm sure.  I have a link in the sidebar to my personal Munzee account.  Munzee is like geocaching for nerds. It's fun and I have been doing it for many years now.  I recently ordered a 'starter kit' and a personal Munzee.  The personal Munzee came today, hopefully, the stickers (the starter kit) will come tomorrow. I thought they'd ship them together.  In any case, I have my personal Munzee I can carry with me.  I also recently printed up a stack of cards to leave places to get people to play.   Here is my personal Munzee. I am going to mod podge the tag code on it and then cover it with clear tape to preserve it because I'm probably going to add it to my keychain.  The mod podge and tape will help keep the tag from wearing off.


As usual, my silly butt forgot to take a picture in natural light, but there you go.  That is the front and back.  It acts as an actual Munzee too!  I think that is neat.  I hope the stickers come tomorrow.  There is one of the big Munzee stickers in it.  It is one of those that I saw the first time that got me to explore what Munzee is, so I am glad to have one to deploy!  I've mainly deployed Munzees in my own city, but I have several at Myrtle Beach, too!  I meant to deploy some on the last trip and never did. I definitely will in September.  I want to be more active in the game.





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