Springmail Pier

Umm... ew?

I went to one of my favorite local places today. I haven't been since the whole Covid thing started.  They have opened and started using their drive-thru (they took over the building from a burger joint). They never used the drive-thru but due to COVID, they have been using it.  This was my first trip there since it all began.  Backstory finished! LOL!  I got what I always get and it was quite a bit more than usual.  I knew they had gone up on prices, so I wasn't shocked at the window.  They did give me a lot more food than usual too.  That part was good since it was so much more.  The problem?  It tasted off.  It didn't taste like it was bad, it just had this weird taste.  I ate a lot and I still have also more for later. They loaded that box!  I just hope it was okay and I don't get sick. I think they might have used something different in there, I don't think anything was bad.  We'll see how my stomach feels in a few hours! LOL!

I called and ordered it an I was close by the restaurant so I went to the parking lot to sit and wait to go through the drive-thru.  While I was waiting, I opened the Munzee app to see if there were any Munzees close by, there was one but I wasn't sure exactly where it was and I didn't want to go all over.  I did find out that it was far enough way for me to deploy one of my own. :)




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