I was just about to forget to post here.  I meant to do it earlier and we all know how that goes!  I had to do a bit of calling and driving, but I was able to get my prescription today.  It was ordered last week and my pharmacy didn't get any.  Today they said another store in the chain had it so I went there.  Well, they look and don't see it. I'm freaking (internally not their fault!) and he is trying to figure out something and he looks once more and he says, "The computer says we have it?!"  So he goes and looks again and found it. YAY! It had slipped behind or under something. I can't remember which he said.  I was just relieved to get it! It was hot out there, so I just clutched my pills and went home happy! Lol

My friend took me to eat again tonight and we went and looked at houses for him.  He is finding some he likes but they are waaay out of his price range.  I am hoping he finds the perfect thing for him at the right price. His current house isn't bad, it is just on a crowded street and it's just not ideal.  


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