Inspection done!

Clean car and goodies

I went looking for a small trash bin for my car last night on Amazon.  I found this cute little ones that are basically a plastic cup with a push open top.  It fits in the cup holder and it's perfect.  I wanted that, but I thought I would check one place here locally to see if I could find something similar.  I found the exact same one!  It was $3 and it's a perfect fit.  I wanted it mainly for straw wrappers.  If I get food and eat it in the car, I carry that trash in with me, but if I just get a drink somewhere (often!) I will be able to put the little wrappers in there.  It's cute, it's handy, and it's out of the way.

While I was there, I looked at the electronic section before leaving and found a dash mount for my phone.  It was only $6 so I got that.  I used both coming home and they are perfect.  I took a picture:


Isn't that little trash can cute? The phone holder stuck quite securely to the dash so I think that will work well.  I didn't want to use the air vent one I used in my old car because the air actually works in my new car and I didn't want to block it!

So, I had planned to wash my car here at home today, but I never got around to it. I remembered that one of the car wash places had a sign recently that all touchless car washes were $5.  Their most expensive one is $10, so if that was true, it was a good deal. It was true! I got the best wash for $5.  Very cool.  A new place opened in the fall nearby that has the 'pay monthly go anytime' plan and I guess this little place it struggling.  I was glad to help them out today.  I love the premium wash but I can't usually afford it.  I will definitely go there the next time I need a wash!

By the way, the trash can will be kept in a cup holder, not on the dash! :p  Oh, one more thing.  I opened the Starbucks app today and realized I was in a star dash and I only need to go once more and I would get 50 bonus stars.  My car somehow made it to Starbucks while I was out. :p


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