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Friday fun

Well, not fun like last Friday and going to Myrtle Beach!  I didn't really do anything today. I didn't even leave the house.  I meant to go out and do a few things and I never did. Oh well!  I did receive a package from eBay.  I was completely out of Bic roll-on Wite-out.  I knew I was getting low and looked for it when I was in Family Dollar the other week, but they don't carry it.  A few nights ago, I completely ran out so I went to eBay. I found someone selling a four-pack with free shipping, so I got it.  It came today.  I could have gone over to Target and probably got it a few dollars cheaper, but I saw it on eBay and figured why not!  I use it for mistakes in my bujo and in my check register.  It's been a while since I bought a multipack.  It finally ran out.  This should last me a good long time!

What an exciting day. A post about buying Wite-out! lol. Aren't you glad you stopped by? :p


Yeah, it's Thursday and I forgot to post yesterday.  Sorry about that. I meant to, but I never got around to it! I didn't really do much yesterday, so there wasn't much to talk about. I did go to the grocery store today and got a lot of groceries. It was my first big grocery trip on the Note and it was perfect! All my stuff fits neatly in the hatch area. Since it's smaller than the Cruiser, I thought I would have to put some in the back seat, but I didn't. :) I got a lot of stuff.  I tried to get some different things because I get tired of eating the same old stuff.  I was also able to get a bag of Stacy's Pita Chips.  They are my absolute favorite and they are delicious!  

I found a new Stouffer's frozen dinner to try. It looked interesting.  I'm not sure if I'll like it so I only bought one. I've learned my lesson from buying too many of something new!  I also remembered a few old favorites that I haven't bought in a while so it will be nice to have those, too.  I was also able to get all the stuff... DAMN.... well, all but one for hash brown casserole. I forgot the damn sour cream. UGH. I just now realized it, too.  Ah!  Oh well, I'll go again and get that and pick up a few other things if needed.  I got everything else and it just hit me that I didn't get the sour cream.  That is twice I've gotten the stuff for hbc and forgot the sour cream. LOL. They were out of the soup I used last month so I didn't get the stuff to make it.  This time they had plenty and they had it on sale so I got enough for two hash brown casseroles.  I got two of everything I needed and didn't get the sour cream.  D'oh!

Oh well!  Maybe I can run by there tomorrow or over the weekend. It's not a big deal.  I can make other stuff so I'm okay.  I just hate that I forgot.  I finally was able to get some strawberries.  The last few times I went, they were out.  I got a nice pack of those and two fresh ears of corn. Yum!

I ordered a little hanging toiletry bag from Amazon and it came today. It's white with green cacti on it and it's so cute. It's the perfect size for carrying my stuff on a trip and I can hang it up to have access to everything in one spot.  Very cute.  Look at it:



I love that it folds flat for storage.  I liked that it was a light color, too.  It will be easier to spot what I am looking for in it. Now if I could just have a trip to take it on! :p


My friend that helps me out so much asked for a favor last night.  He had a package coming today and thought it would be delivered before 9 am.  He asked if I would get up early so I'd be ready to go get it.  I agreed and I set my alarm for 8 am. I was up before it went off.  I have been so tired all day.  The package did come before 9 am.  I went and picked it up and brought it here.  I was so tempted to take a nap but I decided to hold off. Hopefully, I'll sleep well tonight.

My friend came to get his package and brought some pizza for us to share.  He also put some foam stuff on my air conditioner to hopefully make it work better and be cooler in my room. So far so good!  I am going to enjoy sleeping tonight!

Oh, remember I mentioned that I got a weather alert radio at Goodwill in Longs, SC on the way home?  Well, I turned on the alert feature today so check it out.  I found out that it does, in fact, work! It went off this afternoon and scared the poo out of me. LOL!  We had a pretty good thunderstorm.  It's cool that the radio alerted me before any of my phone apps.  I will be turning it off at night before bed though.  I'm a light sleeper and I don't want that thing going off and scaring me half to death and waking me up! LOL!


Starbucks and a recap!

I had to run out and do an errand today so I went to Starbucks on my way home and it was delicious.  I had a free drink, so I used that and i bought a cake pop, too! :P. As for my recap, well, let's do it!

On Saturday while at the beach, I walked to 17. Well, I had walked all the way across the resort to the little coffee shop they had to get some coffee. It was closed by the time I got there. BOO! So, I decided to walk to 17 and go to a beachwear store or two.  I went to I <3 MB and got a sticker for my car and a decal for a future cell phone and a cute change purse. I walked to Eagles beachwear and looked in the 'everything is 5.99 or less' section. I thought I might find a shirt I liked.  I don't usually find really nice shirts in this section, so I was surprised when I found several I liked in my size!  They had them $5.99 each or three for $12! Since I found three I liked (actually four!) I got three.  Two purple and one blue. I love purple but I didn't have any purple t-shirts. I do now! It's funny because two of the shirts are almost the same.  The blue one has the same little design on the front and a bigger one on the back.  The only difference is the color of the shirt and the color of the iron-on / decal on the shirt.  

We didn't got to any of the Goodwills while down there. We planned to do it on Sunday but didn't.  We did stop at the one in Longs SC though since we missed it coming down. (It was raining hard and we wanted to get to the beach!) I found some cute things.  I got a nice ceramic tumbler from Hallmark with pine needle branches on it.  I also got a handmade wallet, a pack of A5 ring binder address book pages, a little A5 size folio for a notepad with a pen holder, a Hallmark snowman ornament still in the packages, and a Radio Shack weather alert radio.  It works!  I was able to get a PDF of the manual online. It's in great condition and the information comes in clearly.  Very cool!

We stopped in Reidsville NC on our way back and ate at Pete's Burgers and More.  It's a favorite of mine.  After that, we went to the Reidsville Goodwill before heading home.   I found a big ceramic jack o lantern.  He has a 'lid' that is the top of the pumpkin so you can open him to put a candle in. I also found a coffee mug with Myrtle Beach on it. LOL!  Yes, I got it. My friend was nice and let me ring up my stuff with his. :) I love my Jack o' lantern.  He is a cutie!  He has a small chip in his lid, but it's hidden so it's not a big deal.W

We went to his house and he unloaded his stuff from my car and then I headed home to unload myself.  All in all it was nice trip.  Way too short, but I'd do it again anytime!  In case you are wondering, my car did great!  It's had it's first beach trip and it is soon going to have a Gunter decal and a MB sticker. :)

Sunday wrap up

Well, I'm home.  We checked out at 10:30 and ate the restaurant in the hotel before leaving.  We were going to hit a few Goodwill stores before leaving Myrtle, but we ended up just getting gas and heading out.  I, of course, went down to the beach and walked on the sand for a bit and took pictures. I am sharing several with you.  






The place we stayed in was a huge resort.  They have four buildings with lots of restaurants, water park stuff, pools, etc.  They bought a hotel that was next door a few years back and added it to their resort.  We stayed in this building and I really enjoyed it.  We had a pool and hot tub at our building and we could go to the other buildings for the other things if we wanted.  Overall it was a pretty nice place and I wouldn't mind staying again.

The oceanfront side of our building had a pool and a nice grassy area with tables.  I took a picture of that and shared it with this post.  It was a very quick trip, but it was fun.  I will try to do a recap post tomorrow as I never mentioned anything I bought on this trip. I didn't buy a lot because I was not expecting to go, so I hadn't saved any money! LOL!

Saturday afternoon post

We ran out and got some late breakfast at IHOP and then came back to the room.  A storm was coming up and I was excited to sit on the balcony and watch the storm. Sadly, we didn't really get one. LOL!  Oh well.  I got some great pictures to share though.  

I noticed that there were a lot of virtual Munzees around so I deployed a blast.  It collects any in a 1 mile radius.  I counted 7, but I actually got 12 and it gave me another blast capture so I can use that in another location down here. Very cool. I plan to deploy some Munzees while here, but they will be physical ones. I'm out of virtual ones. D'oh!






Hello from....

Myrtle Beach!  Yes, I said it.  We are at the beach until Sunday. Yay! Very short trip, but it's worth it. :) Here is a picture taken while driving down and a few taken on the balcony after getting here.  We went to eat at Victoria's and then came back and brought our stuff in. We checked out the room before leaving. It's overcast here, but it's starting to clear off a bit. :). We went through a crazy storm coming down.





Boring again

Yes, today's post is boring. Why? I didn't do much today because of the heat.  I also have plans for tomorrow and the weekend so I'll definitely have a much more fun post tomorrow evening!  I think it will make up for the poor posts lately.  At least I hope so!  Watch this spot. :P