Surprise thrifting!
Small road trip!


I have a bad habit of letting my dishes pile up to crazy amounts.  Well, I finally washed a ton of dishes last night.  Hoo boy that was crazy.  I had more coffee cups/tumblers than anything else. LOL. Of course six of them were new purchases.  I had so many dishes that I had to use both of my dish drainers and I had dishes stacked on other dishes.  I will try to keep them washed as I go. Of course, I say that every time and I never follow through!  Today's lunch I bought out so I only have a dirty fork to wash and I'm skipping dinner because I ate my lunch later than usual and there was a lot of it.  I may have a snack later before bed, but maybe not.

I was going out today to wash my car because some kind of tree junk had gotten on it.  I meant to go out with the hose and do it here this afternoon and got to doing other things.  So, I figured I'd just run out and wash it.  Well, I went out and it rained almost the entire time I was out, so I just didn't wash it today.  Hopefully, the rain will get those spots, if not, I'll get out the bucket and hose and do it myself tomorrow. That is twice lately when I've been going out to wash it that it starts to rain! lol



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