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October 2020

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!

I have a tradition where I go visit one of the cities old cemeteries on Halloween.  I totally forgot last year, so I made up for it this year by going to three!  I also ended my day out by stopping by Abreu-Grogan park to take a few pictures. It's right on the Dan River.  I thought I'd made an album and share my pictures. I took a few in each cemetery.  I didn't take a lot as I have plenty of other trips.  I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Halloween.


Halloween 2020

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Hoo Boy

I have put a lot on my own plate. As I told you yesterday, I'm currently re-watching Fushigi Yuugi.  I'm halfway through the episodes at this point.  I probably could have gotten in a lot more, but I stopped to get some other things done.  I wrote over 2000 words today (27850 total) on my current story and it's about to get good.  It is now only two days from the start of NaNo and I have to get my mind back in the mindset of my book.  I also want to continue on with what I'm working on.  I also want to finish Fushigi Yuugi and then explore more on Prime. Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to do all that. I'll manage it. :p Need I mention that tomorrow is also my favorite holiday of the entire year? It's Halloween! (^_^)

Fushigi Yuugi

I started a re-watch of Fushigi Yuugi today.  It's streaming on Amazon Prime Video and it's there in all it's subtitled glory.  Oh, how I had forgotten how much I loved it.  It is my favorite anime of all time.  It also has my favorite anime character ever in it too.  💜Nuriko💜I watched the first 16 episodes today and finally made myself stop so I could get a few other things done.  It's so good.  I am hooked all over again.  Ah, memories.

Should be interesting...

I just saw where the local schools are closed tomorrow because of a tropical storm warning.  The hurricane that hit in Louisiana is heading our way and the weather is supposed to be bad tomorrow so they canceled school. We'll probably get a little rain, one bout of wind, and it will all go back to normal! I'm not too worried about it.  I have no plans to go out, so that won't be an issue.

I did go out today to vote.  I have never voted early before this election, so that was new.  It was easy and pretty quick too.  I was thinking that the polls would be swamped on Election day, so I went ahead and voted early.  I didn't get my sticker (D'oh) but I got to keep the pen I voted with. I guess it works out in the end.  Plus, I printed myself a sticker to put in my bujo. lol It looks like this:


With my doubts last night about this year's NaNo story, I wrote myself some notes today for it.  I have plenty of stuff to make it work.  I am definitely going to go with it.  I don't have time to start over from scratch on anything else!  


Last minute doubts... AH

A friend asked tonight what I was writing for NaNo an now I am doubting myself.  AHHHH!  It's too late to go in another direction.  I could do another book in the zombie odyssey, but I am not ready for that right now.  I had another idea for a story a few years ago.  Now I don't know if I want to go with book two with my skaters or do something completely different. It is way too late to research something else NOW. AH!

Munzee and stuff....

Sorry about last night.  It was late and I was feeling pretty cruddy so I didn't post. I even went to bed a bit early, too!  Today, I had to run to my friend's house to pick up a package he had arriving today.  I did that and while I was out, I did my daily Zeeops mission for Munzee.  I went to the parking lot of the 'new' YMCA and captured a Munzee.  I took a few pictures while there, too:


The YMCA is right by the Riverwalk trail! I have walked past it many times, but I've never driven into their parking lot. It's a nice area.  I had to take a few pictures while I was there! My friend came to pick up his package and told me he had to drive to Greensboro to pick up an item there. I tagged along for the ride.  That was fun and now I'm back home relaxing a bit before bedtime.  I wrote very little today, but I wrote quite a bit yesterday so it all evens out. Besides, this isn't my NaNo work, it's just a story I'm working on. :)


So, I didn't get to write yesterday because of being gone for so long.  I made up for it today.  I pounded out 3485 words!  If I can do that on my NaNo work during NaNo, it's going to be a breeze! LOL!  I was on a roll! I'm sitting at my MacBook Pro in my window where I usually work on NaNo. It was sunny earlier, but it is starting to cloud up a bit. The sky is starting to look dark and we may get some rain.  I'm glad I got my groceries earlier!

I wasn't going to the store today.  The grocery store is usually a madhouse on Saturdays, but it wasn't bad at all today.  I was able to get in and get what I needed with no problems and got lots of goodies.  I got plenty of good food and I got a few snacks too.  My brand of creamer was STILL out, so I found another one that is similar to mine.  Can't run out of coffee or creamer.  Even though I just opened a new bag of whole bean coffee, I bought another bag.  It's good to have extra on hand just in case.

As for food, I got the stuff to make my favorite meal, a hash brown casserole. I actually got enough to make two.  I found a brand of barbeque that I hadn't seen before and it was marked down because the date on it was in three days.  I thought I'd give it a try. My last attempt at store-bought barbeque was a disaster! It was just gross.  Runny and mushy and just ...bleah!  Hopefully, this will be better. It certainly looks better!

Busy day!

It was looking to be a regular day until right at noon.  My friend texted and said that he was getting off work at noon and did I want to go to Greensboro to Herbie's to eat.  I did, so we did!  We went to Herbie's and ate and then headed back.  We ended up stopping in Reidsville NC to go to the Salvation Army store and the Goodwill.  Then,  we went to Eden and went to Goodwill there.  Then, on to Martinsville. LOL!  Yes, Goodwill there too! I ended up with a Sak purse, a Fossil purse, some sleep pants, a few odds and ends, and a very cool brand new wallet. It's Kipling brand. I looked it up and it seems to be based overseas.  I love it. It's got tons of sections in it but it's not bulky.  Very nifty! I had never heard of Kipling before.  I love finding things like that!

I found two little tech pouches, a Starbucks tumbler from 1997, a Carpe Diem six-ring planner binder, a heavy stuffed Snowman, a little snowman figure, a glass Jack o lantern, some Halloween button covers, a Scooby Doo backpack, and this:


It's a vintage desk organizer and I LOVE it.  The little flags say, Letters, Memos, and Misc.  It's complete except for whatever little magnet was applied to the calendar to mark the day.  I am going to clear off a spot on my desk just for it! I will make a little arrow magnet if I want to use the little calendar.  I wish I know some more about it as it has no markings at all. The only thing on the box is "Made In Japan", no UPC or anything.  This right here is why I love thrifting!

What the heck?

It's almost 10:30 and I have no idea what I did all day.  It's just been one of those days. I haven't even written anything yet.  I'm going to post here and at least get a few lines written.  I'm trying to get some writing in everyday to prepare for NaNo.  I did some more research today.  My idea for the injury for my male skater is not going to work.  Well, it would, but if I kept it realistic, he'd probably not be able to skate safely again.  I'm still pondering things.  I really want to do that story, but I love him and I don't want to hurt him. (Don't get attached to your characters!) 


Munzee in the park in the fall

I went out today to find a Munzee in Ballou park that I somehow missed all this time!  I found it and while I was there, I took a picture of these two cute little trees in their autumn glory. (click on them to see them full size)

I thought they were just so cute.  I was able to finish up this weekly mission of the Zeeops and found out that there is yet another week! Hopefully I can complete that too.  It's fun and I'm getting more points and badges and things in Munzee.  Lots of fun for me and it was a perfect day for it. Sunny and just plain nice out there.

And so it goes...

I am suffering from cool notebook syndrome.  My little Moleskine Cahiers are so nice I don't know how to go about using them! LOL! I have this issue with a lot of my notebooks.  I really want to make my TN a TN for learning French.  I just have to decide how to go about it.  I was thinking of one notebook for notes while taking lessons.  (Words I have trouble with, things I didn't understand, etc.) and the other two for certain things.  I just haven't decided on those things yet!  I DID put an address label in one of the cahiers.  Progress, I guess? 

In other news, I have been writing on my fic every day.  I figure it's good practice for NaNo.  I do need to do some more prep for NaNo but not too much.  I have the idea of the book in my head.  I just need to decide on what the main thing will be.  If my male skater is hurt, I have to research that.  If I do the stalking story, that will be easy peasy.  I read and watch enough true crime to have that one in the bag. LOL!  I will probably do the stalking and the injury in another book.  Who knows with me?

I have been playing Munzee every day for the past couple of weeks.  They have a Zeeops event going on and I've been able to do everything so far.  Tomorrow is the last day of this week's tasks.  I hope I'm able to do it and get the bonus. If you complete every day you get an extra perk at the end.  It's been fun and I've had a lot of fun deploying Munzees.  

Set up complete... for now!

I thought I would use a Traveler's notebook to enhance my French language studies and this is what I came up with.  I love it!  I'm using my latest TN in an A5 size with three Moleskine cahiers inside.  I hope to have something in each and use this to advance my learning.  I made it all Paris/French themed throughout.  Check it out here:


French inspired Traveler's Notebook

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I got so much done today.  I washed a load of laundry yesterday and I put it away today.  I washed my bed linen and my hair.  I also washed a week's worth of dishes.  I swear I'm going to keep them washed as I go and it never happens. D'oh!  I've been playing special Zeeops in Munzee so I ran out today to do the daily 'mission'.  It's fun and I earn things to make playing more fun.  

Today, yes on Sunday, I got a package in the mail. It was a package from Amazon.  I decided that I wanted Moleskine cahiers in my new TN instead of the Moleskines volants.  The cahiers are pale yellow and so pretty.  I also printed some things to put in the 'dashboard' I made.  I'll take pictures in good lighting tomorrow.  I think it looks so pretty!


I meant to post yesterday. I had pictures and everything!  I got busy right near midnight and it was after midnight when I realized I hadn't posted.  So, I'll do it now!  Yesterday, I went to Angler's park while i was out.  I thought I had taken more pictures, but I only had two when I checked later.  Here are those two:



Being out there made me want to start walking again! It was a nice day, not hot and not cold. Perfect for walking. Hopefully, I can get back to walking soon. Today I've been writing.  Not my stuff for NaNo, but some other stuff I have worked on in the past. I'm getting ready for NaNo! I'm having fun with this story.  It was one I had started a long time ago and I pulled it out.  I opened Scrivener and posted the original bit in there and then I went through and pasted sections and re-wrote parts and added parts. It's shaping up to be pretty fun! I am taking a bit of a break at the moment, but I hope to add more to it tonight.