This day is loooong and it's not over yet!
Sorry again!

Hoo boy!

I have been writing today, boi! I wrote over 2400 words for NaNoWriMo and then I went to my other story and wrote almost 2000!  I'm tired now.  I spend all day and part of the night trying to clone my drive.  I should have known something was off when it took so long.  It was a mess today.  I looked and found that it probably WAS the hard drive cable after all!  I am getting that adapter box tomorrow and I'll put the old hard drive in it.  If it recognizes it and reads it as a functioning drive, I know the next step is to replace the hard drive cable.  That should be fun! If that is the issue, it will be good to know.  Since I bought the little adapter thing, I can now use it as an extra backup drive.  It's 500 gb.  I am anxious to see it the drive it recognized. If it is I'm going to be irritated but happy if that makes any sense! Happy it works but irritated that I only needed an inexpensive cable.  Oh well, live and learn!  I'll update you tomorrow.  The package is coming via Amazon by USPS. It still makes me giddy when I get a package on a Sunday. I'm such a nerd. :P


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