Well that didn't work!

Another busy Sunday!

I got all my things done today.  I went to a UPS dropbox and mailed back the laptop bag, I went by the park and got a Pokestop while out and then headed home.  I washed my hair, the bed linen, and my dishes.  I washed clothes last night and forgot to dry them until bedtime!  I went in to check on them and realized that I had never started them to dry in the first place. D'oh!  I had to put those away before drying my bed linen. It's in the dryer now and I just need to put it back on the bed and I'm done.

I pulled out my external hard drive and updated my backup to Time Machine.  I'm going to do that every Sunday.  It took a bit of time but nowhere near what it took to do the first backup.  I let it run while I did other things. It worked well.  I didn't write today.  The last few days, I have been re-reading my zombie books.  I had forgotten some things along the way.  I should have been taking notes because I think there are a few continuity errors that need to be fixed.  It's fun to re-visit my characters.

As for the writing I'm currently doing, I have a big event coming up.  It's going to be good, but I have to get in the mindset to write it.  I'll probably write a little bit tonight, not the exciting stuff yet, though! I don't want to get started on something like that this late.  That is how I end up looking up and realizing it's almost 1 am! It's happened before. :p


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