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December 2020

Goodbye 2020!

I crashed early and hard last night and I needed it.  I was thinking about things before bed and realized that I had stopped setting up my 2021 bullet journal some time back. D'oh!!!!!!  Today, I looked and the things I would use immediately are there.  I still need to add a "21 in 2021" tracker, my NaNoWriMo tracker(s), beach bingo, and some other things I wanted to add. I went ahead and got the first two months done, though!  I have my January habit tracker,  February habit tracker, and I have the weeklies for those months.  I'm adding something new this year.  On the page after the last week of the month, I'm doing a monthly recap page to add anything I want to remember. I can write stuff or glue in things for memories.  I think it will be a nice addition.  I decided to go with a printed habit tracker to save time this year. I found the one I had downloaded several years ago and looked it over.  It didn't have enough lines for all the things I track, so I made a copy of it and then cut part of the bottom off and taped it to the tracker.  This way I added a few lines. Then, I made a copy of that. I went ahead and printed out a year's worth of them and I have the taped one I made to use if I want to make more, or I can just use a blank one I printed. I printed an extra just in case.  I always loved this habit tracker and I really wanted to use it but I track more things than I did when I started.  This way, I can still use this cute tracker and track more. This is going to save me SO much time going forward!

I started my actual pages further into the Leuchtturm too.  I hope to use up all my pages this time!  I always have some pages left. I don't want to have that this time.  I'm sorry I didn't post the last two days. I just got to doing things and never got around to it.  I'm going to try my best to post to my blog every day in 2021!  I don't know if I can do it, but I'm going to try my best. I also plan to get my pen pal letters written and stay caught up with them.  Yes, I STILL haven't written any.  2020 has just not been the best year.  Yes, some good things have happened to me, my friend got me Goontz and my 15" MacBook Pro, but the rest of the year was pretty nasty.  My hope is that 2021 is a wonderful year.  Let's hope that we are able to defeat Covid-19 and try to get our lives back to normal!


So I was going to write some more today. I wrote a nice little bit yesterday and all.  So, I have been meaning to clean this one area of my room. It's the corner where the trash can is and it gets a little messy.  I decided to pull everything out, sweep, dust, and toss any garbage.  There was so much stuff back there that missed the trash can! lol. I got all that up and everything looks so much better.  I thought it would take me about half an hour.  It was several hours of work. D'oh!  It's done now and it looks so much better, so I'm happy to have it done.  I'll try to write more tomorrow to make up since it is too late to start on any writing tonight.  I have to clean off my bed and get settled in and relax a bit so I can sleep tonight.

I went out today to get my Zeeops mission on Munzee and since it was a little over 50˚, I went to the car wash! My Goontz needed it badly.  I did that and then did my Munzee and came home. I wasn't even tempted by Starbucks.  Go me! :p. Now I just have to sweep up the area where I moved everything to when I moved the stuff and I'll be ready to relax.  Oh, forgot to mention, while I was on the floor cleaning, a big spider came walking by.  I captured him and released him safely outside. He wasn't paying rent, after all! :p

Sunday, no Starbucks. :p

I might run over there later, but I might not.  As for now, I'm drying my hair.  I went out earlier to Munzee and then decided that since I was right near the grocery store, I would get some much-needed groceries.  I got myself plenty of good things to eat, some extra coffee (just in case!) and they actually had my creamer. One bottle that is now mine! :p. I got all the things to make a hash brown casserole but one. They were out of shredded hash browns! Store brand and Ore-Ida. I would have gotten the Ore-Ida if they had them, but alas, no hash browns.  I do have all the other stuff now, so I just need those.  I also got two boxes of cheesy hashbrowns Hamburger helper. I like it for something different every now and then.  I don't use hamburger, I use Morningstar Farms veggie crumbles in it. It's very tasty! Guess what they were out of?  Yes, MSF veggie crumbles. Ahhh!  They were out the last time I looked for them too.  I will check another store and hopefully get those and the hashbrowns.  The funny thing about the stuff for HBC, the one thing they are usually out of is the cream of potato soup. They had tons of that today so I stocked up and got enough for two casseroles (four cans).  I also got the sour cream and cheese.  The sour cream is good until February and I'll have long since made and ate both casseroles before then! :p

I was happy to get a bag of coffee. I didn't get any the last time I went to the store and although I'm not out, I'm getting low. I do not want to run out of coffee!  It's getting harder and harder to find whole bean coffee in my store.  They have plenty of ground.  I also bought a box of K-cups for times when I don't have my re-usable filters clean or I just want a quick cup without grinding, filling, etc.  It's Green Mountain coffee which I've had many varieties of and have liked. I don't think I've tried this particular one before, but I'm sure it's good. It's the Nantucket medium roast.  I usually can't go wrong with a medium roast.  Plus, as I said, everything I have ever tried from Green Mountain coffee, I've liked so I think I'll like this too!

I had to wash dishes so I could have room to wash my hair.  I put a pot of water on to heat up on the little hotplate I bought and it warmed up while I washed dishes.  I then washed my hair and it's drying now. I wish it would hurry up because I'm ready to fix lunch! :p. I did pick up a ham and cheese sandwich in the deli while at the store, so I'll have something good to eat with no prep.  I just don't want to go to the kitchen while my hair is still wet at the rest of the house if pretty damn cold!  The funny thing is, it's in the 40's today and when I left the grocery store I had my air on coming home! lol. That was weird.  I didn't need the air once I got home and got my stuff put away. My kitchen is too cold for that. :p


So, my friend texted today and asked if I wanted to go eat. I said YES of course! :p. I didn't know where we were going, but I didn't care.  So, he comes over and we head out to Reidsville.  We were going to eat at Carmella's but they were closed.  So, we went to the Salvation Army store and and then to Pete's Burgers and More to eat. Yum!  At the SA store I found a Sak bag and a Fossil purse.  Then, after eating, we went to the Goodwill and I found it... the holy grail... a beautiful, handbag.  A Fossil satchel bag in a BLUE.  My favorite brand purse and my favorite color.  Do you know how fast I snatched that up?  I was going, Oh my God, Oh my God! All throughout the store. LOL!  It's lovely!  Look at it:


Of course this picture doesn't do it justice but it was dark when we got home, it was dark when I bought it, too! lol. I am in love with this bag. It's so pretty. I have been looking at satchel bags for a while now.  This one is perfect. It's in excellent shape. There are a few wear marks on the corners, but nothing overly noticeable. I am going to be moving my things into this bag tonight.  I looked it up and found a picture of one brand new. They retailed for ..... $218.00!!!!!  I paid $5.  I'm a happy camper!  I got a cute Reese's mug in there and a jack o lantern and a little wristlet that is Karma brand.  It's cute and I've never seen this brand before.  I found one like it for $30 on eBay.  I love finds like these.  I am so in love with this Fossil bag.  It's so soft and supple and it's so pretty.  It was a great find. OH! I also found a cute sweater but it's in the wash.  A good haul from an unexpected trip to thrift!


It was right at 60˚ yesterday, today it was about 31˚ and the feel was about 20.  BRRR indeed.  I did my annual drive down the main drag to see everything close this evening.  Earlier in the day, I went to do my Zeeops.  I did that and then got another Munzee that I've been wanting to get for a while.  Today with everything closed, it was a great time to get it! (it was at a busy restaurant location) 

Also, when I completed the daily Zeeops, it gave me a special Munzee that 'scatters'. I was able to get all three of the scattered Munzees.  That gave me a lot of points.  That is always fun!  I finally hit level 100 recently and that was so cool! The only crazy thing is, that it took me 50,000 points to get to level 100.  To get to level 101 I need 50,000 more points. YIKES!!!!!!!! lol.  I can do it, though. It may take a while, though!  I've been enjoying playing Munzee more this year.  I hope to keep it up in 2021.  

It's Christmas Eve

I didn't post yesterday. I kept meaning to and then it got close to midnight and I just decided to skip it!  I am crossposting my blog posts over at my WordPress site and I wasn't in the mood to do all that last night so I didn't post at all! I didn't really do anything yesterday so there wasn't a lot to post. :P. My friend carried me to see a few lights tonight.  We went to this one specific place that was mentioned online.  It was nice.  Here are a few pictures:


It was a nice display.  We saw that and then headed a few more places and saw some more.  Everything was closed by that point so we headed back home.  He dropped me off and then went home himself.  I had wrapped a few little cheap presents and put them under my tree. I opened those and then spend some time under the tree.  I've had a migraine all day and I am thinking of just giving up and going to bed early tonight.  I could use the rest and my poor head could use the darkness!

The River is always nice

I did my daily Zeeops mission today in Munzee and it was to capture a jewel Munzee.  I looked on the map to find some and there were several at the YMCA.  I went and looked and found one of four that were supposed to be there! I was happy to find the one since the other ones seem to be gone.  I walked down to the river and took a few pictures while I was down that way.  I thought it was a pretty day for it.  here are a few of the pictures I took.


This is the old Dan River 'White Mill' building.


This is from the YMCA building looking down at the river.


This is the river from the Riverwalk trail.


This last one is the huge rock formation that is in the parking lot near the street.  You can see the street light above it. I thought it looked pretty neat and I took a picture of the rocks.

I enjoyed going down and taking pictures.  I was also glad to get my Munzee.  After this, I went to get gas and filled up my car.  Goontz is full of gas and ready to roll. :p

D'oh I have the dumb!

I got several of the Starbucks cards that I ordered from eBay today.  Four envelopes with goodies.  I went to leave feedback and noticed that one order ios not showing for feedback.  I went and looked and the stuff is still in my cart at eBay. D'OH!  It was one seller from whom I was buying six different cards from.  Well, I went in and deleted two since I was able to get them at Starbucks yesterday and I ordered the four I needed. I also ordered a multipack.  I only have more multipack to order and I'll do that next month.  I'll have every holiday card released this year. Yay!  One person was nice enough to send a holiday-themed gift card holder too! Awesome. :). I love adding to my collection!  I am going to have to get a bigger binder or split the cards into two binders.  There are so many of them. I am trying to decide how to divide them.  Maybe I'll do all the plastic cards in one and then the new 'paper' cards in the other binder.  They are not in order of release for the most part. The later ones are, but the earlier ones are all jumbled up in there.  I also want to figure out a way to keep the other type. I have them in a binder, too, but it's busting at the seams. lol. The other types of ones are multipacks, die cuts, special ones, etc.  I might get a box to keep those in.  I haven't decided yet.  I keep all my extra regular cards in a snap-lid box.  Maybe I can get a larger one for the bigger card/packs.  Hmmm.... remember I told you I found a Radio Shack branded disk organizer case at the Salvation Army thrift store? I wonder if that would work. That would be so cool if they'll fit! I'm going to try it. :)

Most of them fit, but there are too many of them. Sadly, I already took them out of the binder.  I will find something similar to this disk container and it will be perfect. I CAN fit many in this and I probably will. The bigger ones, I'll find something else and I'll just use both.  Here is when I started and I was hopeful.


Starbucks on a Sunday!

Yes, you know where I went today! :p. I went to Starbucks and I went inside to see if I could get a few more cards. I got some and then found a mug I liked.  There was a tumbler the other day that I wanted, but of course, it was long gone! The other one like it that I was considering was gone too!  Their stuff is 30% off so people probably bought them for gifts. I did pick out a cute mug (no handle) with a lid.  It says it's 8oz, but it looks like it would hold more. I think it will without the lid.  I'll test it out by brewing some coffee later!  I got a grande peppermint mocha.  I ordered a grande peppermint white mocha.  This is the third time I've gotten a PW instead of a PWM. :(. They were BUSY and there were a lot of people waiting to order and a lot of people waiting on their drinks, so I wasn't going to mess that up by asking for a re-do. I drank it. I didn't enjoy it as I should have, but I wasn't going to inconvenience a whole store of people!  Oh well, hopefully, next time it will be right! The mug is very cute and I love it.  Here is a picture I took:


I should have put the mug up there too. Oh well!  I am currently sitting under the hair bonnet dryer.  I got my dishes washed, my hair washed, my bed linen washed, and I'm now relaxing for a few minutes.  My bed linen is currently in the dryer.  It was too cold for me to sit with a wet head even in my turby thingee.  I decided to get out the dryer.  I already did my weekly backup too.  Oh! I ran by Office Max while I was out and picked up a package of the card sleeves that I use to keep my cards in.  I also did my daily Zeeops mission for Munzee while out.  Now, I'm just going to sit and relax for a while.  I just put the bed linen in to dry before I came to start drying my hair, so that is going to be awhile.  I want to get a few more things done in my 2021 bujo and I want to write some on my story. I did write a few words before posting this. 411 words to be exact. I'd like to get more done.  


So, I love The Monkees and have for a long time.  I thought about looking for old episodes on YouTube recently and was happy to find some! I've been watching them for the past few days and it's been fun.  They were so funny.  Mike was and still is my favorite followed closely by Micky!  I love them all, but Mike has always done it for me. :p

In between episodes and other things, I got several more trackers done in my 2021 bullet journal! Yay!  I did four more.  That doesn't sound like a lot, but having to draw all those lines, it IS a lot.  I will try to do four or more pages tomorrow.  I have a list of things I want to put in there.  I am going to add a few things this year.  I think I'm going to add a tracker for all my Fossil bags and I'd like to keep a record of all my Starbucks tumblers.  I would do the cards I have collected, but that would take a lot of pages. I still may do it, but I don't know yet.


2021 Bujo started!

I have been putting off starting my 2021 Bujo and today, I finally opened it and started.  I decided it would be an easier task if I did a few trackers at a time and didn't try to do everything immediately.  I got the index started, the Key page, the welcome 2021 page, and a few trackers.  I will work on it like this.  Do a few tracker pages a day and before you know it, I'll have it ready to go on January 1st!  I have a list of ideas for things I want to go in it. I'll have the things I had this year, plus I'd like to add a few more things.  I'm hoping it is going to turn out nicely.  I am glad I decided on the idea of doing a little at a time.  That way the task won't seem so daunting! The biggest thing that takes time is drawing lines. Those take a steady hand and patience.  I'm not big on either! LOL!

Thursday, I think.

I kept thinking yesterday was Tuesday and not Wednesday so I am still not sure it's Thursday today! :p. Yeah, it's been that kind of a week.  Hell, it's been that kind of year.  I need to nap until mid-2021!  I did write a bit today. Not as much as I wanted to, but I got some done.  I might write some more after I post this and I may just wait until tomorrow.  I am happy just to have gotten some writing done today. :)

Coffee and a MacBook Pro :p

I used my new Starbucks mug tonight. It's so pretty!  I love new mugs, especially Starbucks ones.  It's great to find them in thrift stores.  This ons is in such great condition, too!  Here is a picture of my desk with my new Starbucks mug. That coffee didn't last long. It was delicious!


The candle is another thrift store find!  I love candles.  I have three or four pine-scented ones that I can't wait to use.  I want to finish this one first, though. The little snowman you see above the MBP is something I got at Family Dollar. He was just too cute so I had to buy him. 

We got some nasty cold rain today, but no snow or anything else that I saw. BOO!  I love snow and would love to have a nice big snow event. It probably won't happen, but I can hope!  We only got the one snow last year and was only there for one day. We'll see how it goes.  You know I'll share pictures if we do get a nice snow event.

I worked on my story last night and today and it's much better. I've added stuff, gone back and edited stuff and it's working nicely.  My main character had a very traumatic event happen to her (kidnapped, gun to her head, etc) and she is fine right now because it hasn't hit her just yet.  It's going to hit her hard pretty soon and it's going to be good!  The guy tried to actually shoot her in the head, but the gun jammed so he bashed her over the head with it instead.  Ouch!  She is going to finally react to it in my writing I plan to do next. It should be good.

In other news, I haven't done much today except try to stay warm.  I didn't go out because of the cold rain earlier and now that it's not raising, I'm not going out because I didn't put air in my tire earlier. It's too dark now to see what I'm doing and I don't feel like driving down to Sheetz and fill it at the air pump there.  I'll fill it tomorrow and maybe tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night I can go out. I'd like to go looking for holiday lights.  That is my favorite thing about the holidays. I don't care for this time of year, but I love the lights!  I think when I do it, I'll go to Starbucks, get a venti peppermint white mocha and drink it as I drive around and look at lights. Sounds like bliss to me!


I finally sat down and worked on that part of my latest story and boy did I improve it a LOT.  It's so much better.  I went to mail off the few holiday cards I prepared last night. I got in line at the post office behind a lady at the dropbox.  She opened her door, got out, put her arm in the box, looked in, put her arm in the box again and I just sat there like this. @_@?  She gets out and goes around and drops the mail in the back and finally gets back in her car and pulls off.  As soon as I got up to the box, I see the issue. It's so full that it isn't even going down the chute!  I just left and went to a free-standing box somewhere else and mailed my cards. I have never seen a box stuffed so damn full!  I wonder when they emptied it last?   I was able to get Starbucks while out and I actually went inside and got all of the Christmas cards they had! Well, everything but the multipacks.  I came home and looked and I was just a few short of having all the cards.  I ordered the ones I was missing on eBay so I'll have the complete set. Yay! I'm quite pleased.  The only bad thing is that I ran out of the little plastic card pages I put them in!  I need to go to Office Max and get another pack.  My collection is really growing.  I realized that I missed quite a bit this year because of Covid, but I hope to get those on eBay eventually!

It was nifty being in Starbucks. I hadn't been in the store since March or earlier!  They have all the seating marked off so there was nowhere to sit and stay.  I hadn't planned to anyway.  I will be happy when things get back to normal! I miss being about to go in there and just sit and enjoy some time out. I noticed as I was out today that the city has salted the streets.  We are under a winter weather advisory. I think it will probably just be rain and that will be it.  I would love to see some snow, but I know that isn't going to happen. :(