Power outage, again.
Snow? Maybe...

Again, D'oh!

I meant to post last night. I wanted to tell you about the crazy experience I had yesterday at Starbucks.  So, I go over there and the drive-thru line is literally wrapped around the building  This building has two other restaurants in it.  The end of the line was where the start of the line was.  I thought, phooey on this, I'll go in.  So, I park, not in the best place, and go to head in and see a sandwich board outside.  The inside is closed currently and it's drive-thru only. D'OH  So I go back to my car and get out of my space.  That took some doing because of people in line.  I had to drive past the line of cars and I had to wait for a truck to move up for me to get by and then had to squeeze between another car and the dumpsters.  I decided that I was not going to get Starbucks!  It was pretty insane.  

Today, I went over there and looked and the line was long, but it was nowhere near what it was yesterday.  I was able to go and get a drink (blonde flat white) and head out.  I was glad to get something this time.  Their hours have been really weird lately.  I think they are having a shortage of workers and I think they had a Covid case and they were actually closed for a few days.  I hope all the baristas are healthy and stay safe!  I love my local Starbucks baristas!



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