Another new one....

Pretty, pretty!

This picture does not do justice to my new keyboard cover.  I have wanted one of these multi-colored ones for a while now. I found this one Monday evening on Amazon and it was delivered today. Isn't it pretty? I like these because they add a pop of color to my MBP but they also provide protection from crumbs and things getting into the keyboard.  


I love it!  My friend texted me today and said he was getting off early today and did I want to go eat at Pete's in Reidsville. I did!  We went and ate and then went to the Salvation Army thrift store and the Goodwill.  I found some neat things.  A light-up jack o lantern, a light-up snowman, a skirt measuring tool (for sewing), a Darth Vader mug, a twig star (it's actually a pentagram), and a pair of Homer Simpson sleep pants D'oh!).  My friend found a pair of New Balance sneakers and bought them for me. They were a half size bigger than I wear and I didn't try them on.  I just did and they fit fine. I think they might run a little small, so being a half size larger makes them perfect!  It was a fun and unexpected thrift trip.

The funny thing is that today's Zeeops was to get 2500 points on Munzee by either capturing or deploying Munzees. I was capping them all over the place in Reidsville! lol I made my daily Zeeops goal. It's been a pretty good day! ^___^



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