Not today! :p
Nice and warm!

I did it again

I knew I was forgetting something yesterday!  I got a lot done, but I forgot to post to my blog.  Oops.  I did my usual Sunday chores. I washed bed linen, dishes, my hair, and I also put away the laundry I washed on Saturday.  I even put the dishes away. I was on a roll! I wrote a good bit, too! As for today, I wrote a lot.  I wrote one section earlier and then came back and added more to it later. I ended up with 2799 words today! 

In other good news, I got an email from the people with my broken hard drive.  They were able to recover my stuff! YAY! Now I just have to wait for them to ship back the recovery.  I'm so happy they were able to do that.  They said early on that if they were able to get my files back, they would put them on a disk that is the size of the files they recovered and sent it. I am just now waiting for the email letting me know it's on its way back. 



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