Friday fun with thrifting.....
Sunday silliness.....

Hoo boy am I tired.

All the thrift trips lately have made my bedroom look like a thrift shop!  I got to work today and got the room all cleaned and cleared.  I have everything put away neatly and I'm so happy. It looks so much better in here!  I put the little cabinet that I got yesterday next to my nightstand.  It fits in the spot well and I can organize a lot of things in it and on it! I love it.  I have all my thrift finds to put away except for that box of jewelry-making stuff. I did organize the beads and things in the containers. I just have to figure out where I'm going to store all of these things and I want to add the stuff I already had with it.  I just need to figure out where all that is going to go!  

I didn't do a lot else today.  That wore me out! lol I did write a bit portion for Camp today. I am now about 2000 words from 40,000 so I just revised my goal to 50,000.  I know I'll hit it easily. :). I was on a roll and I had to make myself stop writing as I was starting to get tired and my writing wasn't as good there at the end.  I stopped so I could pick up tomorrow when I'm fresh and write much better.  I'm actually typing this post up on the 13" MacBook Pro.  I have a place for it in the new little cabinet, so I can use it when I'm not at my desk. Very convenient. I am going to try to crash a little early tonight as I'm really tired.  I didn't sleep well last night and then I did all that cleaning. I'm hoping to sleep like a log tonight. :p



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