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Monday Evening post

I'm on the balcony with the MacBook Pro and I am typing up this blog post to share with you.  I took a few more pictures to share with you at the end of this post.  We are in the room for the night.  Well, I am going to hit the beach with my feet, but we are in.  No going out in the car.  We ordered pizza for dinner from Hungry Howie's and it was excellent as always!  I tried their stuffed crust pizza and it was delicious! Yummy yum yum! lol

Tomorrow we'll get some groceries for the room. For now we have leftover pizza.  We got a few drinks each from the drink machines and we ordered a 2 liter each for us.  We will be okay for the time being.  The coffee maker is in my half of the room and ready to brew in the morning. :p I brought coffee with me because I remembered that this particular hotel gives you a coffee pot, but no coffee!  Crazy.  I almost brought my little Keurig knock off but I didn't want to bring more things. I had enough to carry as it is!  

I will post again tomorrow morning. It's 9:08 now so there will be no more posts tonight.  I have done my daily French lesson, but I haven't written today.  I am extremely tired, so I am going to write, but I may just write a small portion.  I'm really tired and want to do my writing justice so I'll just write a few lines tonight to say that I did write!  Here are a few pictures from this evening.


Hello from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

We are here and we are in the room.  We got here around 2 I think? Somewhere around there. Of course, the room wasn't ready so we went to eat. We finished eating and were heading to drive around a bit when they called and said the room was ready!  Yay!  We came on back here and checked in.  We got a nice room.  I have my own 'half' and he has his own half. My half has the coffee maker! lol, I like that it also has a sink!  I took a few pictures of things on the way down and a few of the beach that I will share here.


So there you go! The first post from the beach. I will try to post again later. For now, I'm going to settle in and relax a bit.  It was after 1 am when I got to sleep. I was awake around 5:30 so I'm tired! I also want to write a bit tonight.  I hope to be able to do that.  My phone is currently charging, but I'll take a picture of my setup here when it's done and add it to a later post.  I love having my own little desk to sit at! 

Monday Morning :p

I am at home, I haven't left for the beach yet.  I woke up a bit ago and I got up to use the bathroom and grabbed a few last-minute things. I thought I would make my coffee and have it ready to drink when I planned to get up (7:20) because it will still be hot in my tumbler for several hours.  Then, I realized a few things I didn't pack.  After that, I knew it was useless to try to sleep anymore so I grabbed my 13" MBP, and here I am! I thought I could start the day with a quick blog post.  See you later on from Myrtle Beach. If I thought my friend was up and ready, I'd dress and go! :p


Finally, we are heading to Myrtle Beach tomorrow! :D  I just finished packing! LOL, I am usually done way before this. I have my things all ready. I only have to put a few things from the kitchen in a bag (coffee, creamer, etc.) I'm ready to leave now! :p  I wrote a bunch today and yesterday and I plan to write some more before putting my laptop in the bag to carry it. I always put my laptop in my suitcase with the electronics, but this laptop is too big so I'm going to use the laptop backpack that I bought at Office Max.  I think I got everything I need for the trip ready to go. I still can't decide on which bag to carry. I want to carry one of my cute little Fossil bags but I want to make sure it's the right size.  I don't like carrying my regular bag with me to the beach.  I usually pick one big enough for my trip journal to fit, but I am thinking if we are going into a restaurant, I can just carry it in with me.  I wouldn't carry it in a store.  The little Fossil bag I got last summer is so cute and I've not been able to use it because it was smaller than I thought it would be. I think I'll probably use that and just carry the trip journal.  Ah, I wish we could go tonight! I'm ready. I wasn't this morning, but nows that everything is packed, It's a go! I will try to post several times a day from the beach as I usually do.  The room we have is a two-room, room.  In other words, there is a bed, desk, dresser, tv, closet, and SINK! in the first part, then a kitchen and bathroom in the middle, and a two-bed bedroom with all the things in the first room (except the sink) and a table and chairs.  I can set my MacBook up at the desk.  I will try to do at least two posts a day and possibly three.  I will be sharing beach pictures and I'll try to take pictures of some other interesting things as I go. I'll also be posted to Insta. :) I have not used any money on my Starbucks card all month and I have several freebies so I'm set on that too.  I just finished the kitchen stuff, I've laid out my clothes, I just need to load this laptop in it's bag and load my friend's car.  No Goontz this trip. I drove him for a bit tonight so he wouldn't feel left out. :p

A week ago....

Yes, the last time I posted was a week ago. Sorry about that! I have NOT found my Golla pouch! I have looked several times but so far, it's nowhere to be found. It will show up eventually. I thought I'd check on eBay to see if I could find one.  I found someone selling the exact same pouch in a different color scheme.  Mine is dark grey on the outside and purple on the inside. The one I found on ebay is light grey on the outside and orange on the inside. It's brand new, too!  I ordered it and the estimate was from May 28 - June 2. I was hoping earlier since I bought it for the beach!  Luckily, it came on Wednesday!  I have it and it's ready to go to the beach.  Wednesday was also a busy day. My friend purchased a new car that for himself. It's a 2018 and it's very nice. He has been wanting to get a newer car so we don't put so many miles on Goontz. It will be a thrift trip and beach trip vehicle. He'll keep his old vehicle for work and other stuff.  It's very nice and it's comfy to ride in.  He got it Wednesday and we rode up to Nathalie where I got my title transfer and tags for Goontz back in July. We had to wait a long time then, Wednesday we didn't have to wait at all! It was crazy, but nice!

We came back to Danville and then he wanted to drive the car a bit more so he suggested driving to Reidsville. Since we had been holding off on thrift trips because of the upcoming beach trip, this was a great idea! We ate at Pete's and went to the Goodwill.  I got the cutest little Starbucks cup. It's 3 oz and adorable. I am very happy to add it to my collection.  Here is that and the new pouch. The color is so pretty and bright. I think it's very beachy! :)

I love my new pouch!  It's so pretty! The little Starbucks cup is adorable.  So tiny.  Sorry again for such a long time between posts. I'm sure I'll make up for it during the beach trip! I'll try my best to post again tomorrow and Sunday, too.  We leave for the beach on Monday.

Clean, clean, clean

I am missing an item that I THOUGHT might be buried in my closet, so today, I decided to organize it again. I just organized it not long ago and it was already a mess. I really need to either start selling some handbags or stop buying so many! :p  So, the item I'm missing is this little case that I use as a wallet. It has been with me on every beach trip and I love having it.  It is currently missing.  This is weird as it's also the little wallet I keep in the waist bag that I use when walking. Somehow after our last beach trip, I've mislaid the little guy.  I wish I could figure where I put it! It's a Golla case. It has a zipper pocket up the back and the front is a flap, under the flap is a 'big' pocket and a slide pocket. The big pocket for cell phones or mp3 players back in the day. It held my first smartphone the LG Phoenix. The phone was tiny compared to smartphones today. It would hold an old video iPod well.  Anyway! I used this at the beach. I put my cards in it and my door key too and any coupon I pick up to use down there I also put cash in there if I have any. I usually don't unless my friend gives me some. I use my debit card for everything. I wish I could figure out what the heck I did with my little 'wallet'.  It's going to be weird going to the beach without it so I'll do another sweep of things.

I know it got home with me because I usually either have a small vacation purse with me when we travel in the car or a messenger bag. I use the case when we stop on the way home, so it's here somewhere. I just have not idea where and it's driving me nuts! It will turn up, I'm sure. I did find a few things I need for the beach while looking though! My favorite bag that I carry down on the beach, my beach shoes, and a few other little things I'll need.  I got those all together and ready for packing next week.  I am going to look in one more spot before I go to bed and see if the little guy is in there.  I just know it's going to show up when I'm looking for something else entirely. That is how it usually goes! Okay, let me look and I'll finish this. Nope, not there either. Phooey! The search goes on! Turn in tomorrow for the next segment in "Finding my Golla pouch!" :p

Oops indeed.

I haven't posted since Sunday. Sorry about that.  I haven't really done much of anything. I was about to forget to post again today but I realized I should make an effort.  I did get some cool today.  I ordered a shirt on eBay that I've had on my watch list for a very long time.  It came today.  It's so cute and so me! :p Check it out:


I love it! It's definitely going to the beach with me. :)

Ooh shiny!!!!

Guess who got a new case for her phone today? Did you guess me? Well you guessed right! :p   I love the case I had, but it got ink stains on it and I cannot get them out. I was going to order another one just like the one I had, but I thought I'd look and see what else I found. I haven't looked up cases since I first got the phone. I found some with the movable sparkly stuff and it was my color!  It's a teal blue and clear and it's so pretty!  It was pretty inexpensive, so I ordered it and it came today.  I love getting Sunday deliveries from Amazon! :D 

So, it came today and I opened it and I fell in love. It's so pretty! I tried to take a good picture of it, but I had to use things other than my Pixel and it has the best camera.  I took about 49028493284902 pictures and came up with two that I'll share. lol Here we are:


Neither picture does it justice.  You get the idea, though, right? :p  I am glad I did get the white Pixel since the top part of the case is clear. It looks so nice with the blue at the bottom of the case. I am extra, so I went in and changed the keyboard in Swiftkey from a pink one to a blue one. :p I'm silly, I know, but it looks nice.  The first picture was taken with my iPod touch and the second one was with my camera.   Neither would be as good as if I could take it with my Pixel's camera.  It's hard to take a picture of your phone in a case with the case on! :P Maybe I'll do a bathroom selfie with it tomorrow! lol

No thrifting today!

My friend and I have decided to postpone our thrifting trips until after the beach trip. Well, we'll be thrifting at the beach, but we always do that! I want to save what little money I have left for the trip.  He has the trip, taxes, and the possibility of a car purchase before the trip.  He wants to get a larger vehicle than the one he has for trips and such.  I love being able to take mine, but if he gets one, I won't have to worry about so many miles being added to Goontz!  

I wrote a LOT today.  I finally stopped at 4567 words! @_@; Yes, I was on a roll! I am now going to relax a bit until bedtime. I want to re-read what I wrote, too! :)


Yes, this post is going to be boring. Why? I have nothing to share.  I haven't really done much today.  I did write a ton, but other than that, nothing. OH! I did do one thing.  I have several Traveler's notebooks as you know. Well, the blue one that is actually a Traveler's company notebook has an insert that I made for the first half of the year.  I bought the set last year from them already done.  This year, I just used a blank book and created a weekly.  It's going to run out in June so I found another one of my blank notebooks (well this one is dotted) and I made the rest of the year.  I try to put one word or something in there that I am grateful for that day.  It all started when I got a generic insert in 2019 for November and December and one of the boxes was 'today's gratitude' or something to that effect.  I have continued that with the purchased inserts last year and the ones I made myself this year.  I got the rest of the year's one set up today.  It is ready to go. :)

Here is an example page:


That was a new one!

I meant to mention this last night, but I was fighting time to get a good post out so I made a note to myself to mention it tonight.  Last night, when I got home, my computer was being extremely slow. When this happens, I give it a reboot.   I did and it did the startup bong sound but the display was black.  I was freaking out. I listened and I could hear the drive working.  I kept waiting for the display to show up or the keyboard to light up but nothing.  I rebooted a few times and the same thing so I went looking for help on my phone.  Someone said they had this problem and they shone a flashlight through the apple on the back of their mac and they could see the screen loading and when it got to the password screen, they put in their password and the display came up.  Well, I tried this.  I could see the computer was booting. All I could see was the Apple logo that shows on the screen.  I watched and hoped. Before I could get to the login, something must have kicked in and my screen came back.  That was the weirdest thing. I've used Macs since 2003 and I've never seen anything like this. I am truly happy that one guy had a similar thing happen. I would have never thought to sign a light through the Apple! I guess it's a good thing this is an older Mac. The newer ones from 2015 on (I think) don't have the light-up Apple.  My computer is working fine today and has worked well all day. I won't be rebooting again until I have an issue, so I don't know if this will happen again.  If it does, I know just to wait.  Phew. That was so scary! The weird stuff that happens to me! :p

Tuesday thrifting!

My friend and I went thrifting today. I didn't think we were because he said we shouldn't because of the possible gas shortage, but I told him I wanted to go one more time and we could just put on hold future trips until our beach trip.  We went and I didn't get a lot of stuff, but I did get a  few fun things. At Salvation Army, I got a vintage photo album, a little sign, and a book. The book is The Little Seagull Handbook it's a handbook for writing that I thought would be very handy. It's still sealed in the shrink wrap. I looked it up and it retails for over $20 for this edition and I paid a whole one dollar! Whoo-hoo!

We went to the Reidsville Goodwill and I bought a case and keyboard cover for a random Macbook. I wasn't sure if it would even fit. The case does not, but the keyboard cover does.  For $3 it was worth it!   I also found a little zipper purse/passport thing.  I saw this several trips ago to this Goodwill and was going to buy it last time we were in. I didn't see it so I thought it was already gone.  I looked on the first trip in there today and didn't see it.  We went back in there after going to Mayodan and I found it.  It was meant to be mine!  The reason we went back is I passed on the Macbook cover thing because I thought it was $1.49 and it was $3.00 I decided I DID want it and I'm glad I did since the keyboard part does work!

At Mayodan, I found a cute little unicorn notebook, a Ziploc with a pack of Papermate Mirado pencils, 21 loose Ticonderoga pencils (MY FAV!), some cap erasers, a few used bigger erasers, a small one in the plastic wrap, and a box of pink big erasers. It's a 12 pack and ten are still there.  A good amount of goodies for $2.  I also got some Fiskars cutting stencils. I can use them as regular stencils for my bullet journal. I also got a little travel kit with rose-scented things.  A nice little haul. :) OH, I almost forgot! I found another pair of Homer pajama bottoms! LOL These are him with Christmas lights and it says D'oh all over them. :P

New Sak bag...

Considering that Sak is the French word for bag, that is sort of fun.  I have three Sak bags that are exactly the same. One is black, one is teal, and one is purple. I LOVE this bag. It's the one I found at the beach and like an ass, I didn't buy and then had to buy on eBay.  As you know since then I've found it in teal and purple. WELL, I was looking on eBay and found it in yellow. @_@ I love love love love yellow bags.   I found several and looked for one at a good price. I found it and I bought it last week. It came today and it's so pretty!  I love it.  I took several pictures and picked two to share.  The color looks brighter and darker depending on the light.   Here are two pictures I took:


I'd say the first is more true to the color, but I'm sure the bag would look like the second picture outside in natural light. It's very pretty and it's in excellent condition.  It's a perfect summer bag. This is the only handbag in my lifetime that I've gotten in four different colors! LOL  If I see it in a thrift store in yet another color, I'll probably buy that too. :p   The reason I like this bag so much is that the inside is big enough for everything I need to carry but isn't too big. The front has a zipper pocket which is perfect to carry my face masks. The back has a big slide pocket that fits my phone.  The inside has two small slide pockets and a zipper pocket.  It's just a great bag.  

Long day

It was a long day and I didn't really do anything.  I did write a ton though! I wrote over 4400 words! That makes up for a few lower word count days for sure. :)  I pulled out the beads and jewelry-making stuff I had before I got the box of jewelry-making stuff at Goodwill.  I combined them and got them organized. After I did that, I was looking for something else and found a Ziploc bag of bead I found at another Goodwill some time back! lol I put those in with all the stuff I had organized earlier and now I have all my beads and jewelry stuff together. :) Everything is nicely organized and I hope to start making things. There are a LOT of supplies.  I'm thinking if I didn't make jewelry, I could make some charms and things for planners and sell them on Etsy! ^_^ 

Friday and thrifting

My friend and I went for our Friday thrift trip today. We went to Reidsville, Walkertown, Mayodan, and Martinsville.  All those places and I didn't get a lot.  At the Salvation Army in Reidsville, I got a flash drive new in the package for $3. I didn't get anything at the Reidsville Goodwill.  We went to Walkertown and I found a Starbucks tumbler that I wanted. Sadly while we were in there their power went out and they would not ring up anyone. They wouldn't even do cash transactions.  It was very annoying.  We waited a bit hoping it would come back up but no.  That was frustrating.

We left there and went to the Mayodan Goodwill. I found two bags with stuff for $2 each. In between the two bags, there were craft supplies, two packages of pencils, a multi-pen, a ruler, and three loose pencils. The funniest thing is, two of the loose pencils are promo items for my bank! I thought that was pretty cool. There were also three brand new (at least I am pretty sure) Sakura gelly roll white pens! Very neat.  We went on from there to Martinsville and I only found one thing there.  I found a DayTimer planner for $1. Not a huge haul, but some good finds. At the Mayodan Goodwill, I found four Fossil bags! I didn't buy any of them. One I already had the exact same back and the other three were nice but they were not bags I would carry myself.  Yes, I could have gotten them to re-sell, but I'm a bit low on funds this month as I just had to pay taxes on my car. Yikes! I took a picture of a cute little tree at the Goodwill in Reidsville: