Tuesday thrifting!

That was a new one!

I meant to mention this last night, but I was fighting time to get a good post out so I made a note to myself to mention it tonight.  Last night, when I got home, my computer was being extremely slow. When this happens, I give it a reboot.   I did and it did the startup bong sound but the display was black.  I was freaking out. I listened and I could hear the drive working.  I kept waiting for the display to show up or the keyboard to light up but nothing.  I rebooted a few times and the same thing so I went looking for help on my phone.  Someone said they had this problem and they shone a flashlight through the apple on the back of their mac and they could see the screen loading and when it got to the password screen, they put in their password and the display came up.  Well, I tried this.  I could see the computer was booting. All I could see was the Apple logo that shows on the screen.  I watched and hoped. Before I could get to the login, something must have kicked in and my screen came back.  That was the weirdest thing. I've used Macs since 2003 and I've never seen anything like this. I am truly happy that one guy had a similar thing happen. I would have never thought to sign a light through the Apple! I guess it's a good thing this is an older Mac. The newer ones from 2015 on (I think) don't have the light-up Apple.  My computer is working fine today and has worked well all day. I won't be rebooting again until I have an issue, so I don't know if this will happen again.  If it does, I know just to wait.  Phew. That was so scary! The weird stuff that happens to me! :p


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