Friday evening post
Saturday Morning post

Friday evening post

We went out to eat at Victoria's this afternoon just as I was sitting down to write a post!  We ate at Victoria's and then went to the Goodwill on Loyola. I found another cute zipper pouch and a rechargeable radio and flashlight set.  It started storming while we are out. Lots of thunder, lightning and rain.  We went from there to the Goodwill in Murrel's Inlet. I found a sea-themed stamper set there for .99¢!  We went to the Tuesday Morning we had missed down there.  I got more stuff. :p We then headed back up and stopped at the Tuesday Morning in Myrtle. I sat that one out.  We went on to North Myrtle to the Tuesday Morning there. I got a couple of packs of notebooks and then we went by the Starbucks! :) I got a Peppermint white mocha. Yum!  After that, we went to Goodwill in NMB and I found a 12 pack of Staedtler fineliners for .99¢!  I also found a Starbucks tumbler from 2004 with Hawaii on it! @_@! Very, very, cool. I almost missed it, too!

After we left there, we ordered from Hungry Howies and drove back down to Myrtle and picked it up and brought it back to the room.  I ate two pieces already. :p It was good.  Now I just need to get in my beach walk.  I'm very tired so it's going to be a quick walk out to the ocean. I will put my feet in the water, and then come back in! lol Here are a few pictures I took while out of the sky at different points.


And one last picture for today:



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