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Saturday late night post!

Saturday early evening post

My friend order IHOP for us and we went to get it. We ate and then I spent some balcony time and then he sat to relax a bit. While he did that, I changed and walked to 17. I only went to two beachwear stores and then came back.  Since I haven't been walking lately and it's really hot here, I figured a small walk would be okay and it was.  I got a keychain and a can koozie in one store. A bracelet and some decals in another. I'm sending one of the decals to my favorite pen pal! :)

I took a few pictures while I was out in case you wanted to see something other than the beach! :p Enjoy the randomness:


From top to bottom, a look back to 17 from the road I was on, I forgot the name, sorry. The next is a view ahead on that same road.  The third is a giant concrete seashell that is at a hotel on Ocean Boulevard.  The fourth picture is a pretty flower I stopped to take a photo of and look up in Google Lens. it's a West Indian Lantana.  I thought it was pretty so I stopped and checked it out. :)  Now I am going to relax a bit, probably eat a little something sit's been quite a while since we at IHOP, and relax. 


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