Tired and broke! :p


I meant to post here yesterday. I didn't realized I hadn't until after midnight.  I didn't do a lot yesterday so there wasn't a lot to talk about. lol Today I've been busy, busy.  I washed my hair, my bed linen, dishes, and I put away a huge load of clothes I washed yesterday. I ran to the post off ice and got my mail. It was stuffed in there. Oops! I was very happy, though, to see pen pal letters! YAY  I was afraid after not writng anyone for so long, I would lose a bunch of them. I got a good stack of letters so I'm happy. I plan to try and write everyone back this week. I'm going to keep up with my letters. I actually plan to do that from now on.  

Other things I did today were ..... Hmm.... I swear it seems like I did more but now I can't think of anything! Silly me.  OH well, I'm very tired, I went to bed early last night but I still didn't sleep well so I'm going to try to sleep better tonight. The little thing I mentioned I ordered recently that I've been wanting a while is supposed to be here tomorrow. If it is, I'll do a nice post on that.  It's going to be so fun to open that package. ^_^  

Another thing that happened today that I just remembered. I weighed myself. @_@ I don't want to talk about it. UGH.  I need to do something about that, too! Hopefully soon! In any case, I hope to have a fun post tomorrow about the goodie I ordered myself. 


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