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December 2021

Friday evening post

I went down on the beach a little earlier today than I usually do. I wanted to get a few pictures of the setting sun from the beach. It was so pretty!  I didn't walk a long way, but what I did was nice.  I am back in the room and on the balcony relaxing.  I am going to share some pictures I took while on the beach.  A different perspective than the balcony for once. :p




Very pretty, yes? :)  Right now it's so foggy/hazy it is sort of creepy. I tried to take a picture, but it doesn't show how weird it looks. I'll try with another camera and see if I can capture it and I'll post it later if so.

Friday morning post

Well, as you saw in my last post, my friend and I are at Myrtle Beach! I found out about the trip on Tuesday of this week. lol  We came down yesterday and got here with no issues, the hotel is smaller, but nice. The rooms are clean and well kept but the layout of some of the appliances is hilarious.  There is a coffee maker (YAY) on a table near the balcony. The microwave is in a cabinet that the TV is on and there is no drawers for clothes. LOL So weird. Th little kitchen has a regular size refrigerator, a small stove, and a sink. Ther is only one outlet accessible in the kitchen and it's too far away from anything to be used! :p So weird, but no problem, we can deal.

There are a lot of people down here surprisingly.  I also noticed several places that are open during the regular season are closed.  I've seen two restaurants at that have signs saying, 'see you in February' and I noticed several of the beach stores are closed, too. The weather down here is great. That drizzle from yesterday is gone and it's gorgeous out and very warm, too! Here, see for yourself.


PXL_20211231_153343728.MP PXL_20211231_153336662.MP

Busy day

Yes, I meant to come and do a better post today, but I was busy doing stuff all day. I didn't even get to write. That makes me sad. I hope to get a good deal written tomorrow AND post a nice post here, too.  I should have some fun pictures to share tomorrow, at least I hope so. ^_^  See you then!

After ten days....

It's ALIVE! Yes, I'm alive. I think?  I did have a nasty fall on Christmas eve. I was extremely lucky and only scraped up my leg, fingers and wrist.  I didn't break anything. I still don't know how I didn't. I was facing one way, fell off concrete steps, and landed face down in leaves with my head facing the way I'd come from!  Sheesh.  Not the way I wanted to spend the day. I was stiff and sore for a few days, but I'm feeling a bit better now. Just sort of draggy and laggy.  I will try to do a legit post tomorrow.  For now, I'm alive. At least I think so! :p

Another day done

I didn't go out today or really do much of anything. Well, that isn't entirely true. I did a load of laundry and washed a ton of dishes. I was so glad to get those done. I say every time that I'm going to wash them as I go and I start off doing that and then forget and don't. Oops. I meant to mention that I made a pocket folder for my TN yesterday. I took a regular file folder and cut it to the size of one of the notebooks, then put the pockets in with a part of the folder I cut to make it.  I then taped that together and then covered the outside with washi to give it some character. I think it turned out nicely. It will be nice to have a pocket in there to save things.  I have made similar ones before. A few for my B6 TN and one for another one of my TNs.  Here is this one I made yesterday.


Simple, easy, and cute!  This TN has strings for four notebooks but I don't want to overload it so I am only using three, I used the fourth string to put this one in there between the second and third notebook. I like it.  


Well, my friend wanted to celebrate being off for the next couple of weeks, so we went to eat. We ate at a favorite local place and then traveled to Yanceyville, NC (about 15 miles) and went to the Goodwill there.  I got a pen set, a set of planner clips (at least I think that is that they are for), a strand of Halloween lights, and two Starbucks things! :) A burnt orange colored 16oz tumbler from 2014 and a 16 oz Valentimes mug from 2019.  The tumbler is a bit worn, but still serviceable and the mug looks like it's never been used. I took a picture of them and you can see the retro mug I mentioned from yesterday in the picture:


I'm happy with my finds.  It was very unexpected for us to go out again today, but I'm glad we did. I love finding more things to add to my Starubkcs collection.  One day, I'll take all my tumblers and mugs and photograph them all. That should be fun! :P

A small thrift

My friend and I went to Goodwill today. It's a bit far so we went to eat first at a place we like along the way.  I didn't get a lot, but I did get a few things. I got another small ceramic jack o' lantern, a cute retro mug, and a strap for an Apple pencil.  It is elastic with a 'pocket' to fit the pencil. I'm not sure I'll use it, but it was just $2 so I bought it just in case. Not a huge haul, but not bad.  He works tomorrow but will be off until after the New Year so we may go on a thrift trip or two between now and then, or not. Who knows? I didn't get to write today so I want to do that, but it's a bit late. I think I'll just get comfy and relax before bed.  hope to not have to leave the house again for a while. I do need to write and mail out pen pal letters. I hope to get those written soon so I can send my pen pals holiday cards.  There is one pen pal I haven't heard from in quite a while, so I'll send a card to them in hopes they are okay.   I also realized I hadn't put my winner banner in the sidebar for this year's NaNoWriMo so that is now up!

Small photo shoot....

I did a small photo shoot today. I had to go out to mail holiday cards to local people.  I checked my post office box while there and then went to Starbucks.  I also swung by Lowe's to pick up something.  After getting Starbucks, I went to the park and took a few pictures.  I also took a few at home. Here are a few I picked to share.


One of the outside with the charm and one open with the first insert showing.  The little plastic pockets are an Eric Condren insert I got on Amazon that fits perfectly!  It has three slots on the front, two larger ones on the back of that side (as shown) and the back of the insert is one big clear envelope. :)

It actually came!

I checked the iPad this morning as I did every day since I ordered my item and it actually said it was out for delivery! :D I was so happy and so shocked. I really didn't think it was ever coming!  It came.  I wanted to do a photoshoot of it, but I wasn't able to today. My friend had texted and wanted to know if I wanted to go a couple of places, but I said I couldn't because the package I've been waiting for years on (seems like it) was coming today and hadn't been delivered yet.  I had planned to do an unboxing video and everything!  Well, since we didn't go anywhere, he was nice enough to bring me some food from KFC. (that sammich is the bomb!) He was here when the mail came. I got my package in, but I didn't open it until after he left and by then, it wasn't light enough out to get a good photoshoot.  I did take a picture in my room in my crappy lighting though. :p So, what is the mystery goodie I ordered myself? A traveler's notebook.  I've been wanting a traditional A5 size TN that would hold some of my largersized notebooks. I saw this one and fell in love with the color and design.  I wasn't sure until it actually got here if the notebooks would work as the dimensions weren't lining up but they did fit! :)  I am also going to make a slip of paper to carry in my purse that I can compare to notebooks with I find them in stores. I do occasionally come across these little notebooks.  Right now, it has three in it and it's made to have four, but I think that will make it too chunky.  I have a charm on it. It's a keychain that I got from Myrtle Beach and modified and made into a charm. It's very cute!  The color of the TN in person was darker than the pictures on the website, but I like it. It's so soft and it smells sooooo good.  Here is the picture, remember, it's not the greatest as it's in poor lighting:


There it is without the charm. D'oh! Here it is with the charm. :p


The little star was filled with copper-colored glitter, I took it out and put pink and blue in there. I thought it was a nice addition.  Of course, the cork broke and I had to find a way to replace it.  The second picture is more what it looks like on the website and the color I wanted, it's more like the first picture in person, but again, I have crappy lighting, so...   The color is pink and grey according to the Etsy listing. The grey to me is more blue grey than grey so that makes me happy as I love blue.  It's a gorgeous TN!


Well, I got another update from USPS today regarding my package. It's now "in transit and arriving late" WELL DUH. I wonder where it will travel to next? That damn package travels a hell of a lot more than I do. Sheesh! I am wondering if I'll get it by the beginning of the year at this rate. *Sigh*


Hope that is. :P No update on my package at all since a bit after 11 am yesterday. I'm hoping it pops up soon and shows near here. It's funny, I picked this item over some others because one, I loved it, and two, it wasn't going to be shipped internationally so it would get to me faster. D'OH! I guess the joke is on me on that one. I didn't even search for any outside the US so I didn't have to wait forever.  Well, look at me now. My package is getting more traveling in than me. Oh well, maybe it will update tonight and show up tomorrow? I surely hope so! Ahhhh!

A small bit of hope...

So, today, when I woke up, I picked up the iPad and refreshed my tracking app as I have been doing for days. It actually updated. Whaaat?"  It says it Arrived at the USPS Regional facility! WOO HOO I said and then looked at where it was.  Jacksonville, Florida. What, what? LOL! It was in Wisconsin, went to Illinois, was stuck in limbo for a week to end up in Florida? Keep in mind, I live in Virginia!  Crazy, crazy! So, at a bit, after 11 am, it updated again and it's left Florida.  I hope the next stop is Roanoke VA. All mail and packages usually got through there first and then get here.  It was so good to see an actual update for it as I was about to give up hope of ever seeing it!  Now, I just have to wait longer.  It's agonizing. Ah! So, hopefully, I'll get it this week!  

I did my usual Sunday chores today and I'm now finished. My bed linen is already back on the bed too! All I have to do after I get off the computer for the night is just pop in my bed with the fresh, clean, bed linen. bliss!  I wrote a good portion today, too. I am going to watch a few Peanuts things on Apple TV and then crash.  I watched the new Peanuts special on there last night and it was cute, but they didn't include Rerun! I thought that was odd.  I guess they were basing it on earlier Peanuts strips before Rerun was born.  At least Spike and Snoopy's other siblings were in it. :)

Yesterday's thrift

Well, first of all, I had no clue we were going to thrift.  My friend texted me at noon and said he was getting off then and we'd go thriving.  I agreed and we headed to Reidsville.  We went to Salvation Army. I only got some vintage buttons there.  We ate and then went to the Goodwill there.  They had two Amazon basics office chairs for $15.00 each! These are $61 at Amazon. These chairs were brand new and assembled.  My friend didn't have room in his car to carry the chair so we bought it and let them know we'd be back to pick it up.  We headed back here and got Goontz and went back.  We picked it up and then headed on to a few more places.  I also got a Fossil handbag in Goodwill with owls on it while there. Very cute!  We got the chair and then went to Walkertown.  I found a few little things and one Fossil thing.  I got a tiny clear zippered backpack with colorful icons on it and a Fossil travel/toiletry bag.  Here is that:


It's really cute!  We went to Mayodan and I found a few assorted goodies. A 3 ring binder, two wallets, a cover for my old video iPod, and I think that is all.  I probably forgot something from one of the places.  By the way, here is the exact chair I got:

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 10.32.21 PM

Amazing deal, yes? I loved that I didn't have to put it together too! :p  It still had the protective plastic on it and the little instruction booklet was included.  I love great thrift finds! As for my package, still nothing. I submitted a request via USPS as I said before and asked to be notified via email only.  They called. So annoying.  They left a voicemail and it was pretty much useless.  "It's stuck in transit... bla bla bla." No, really? Sheesh!