Thrift Tuesday
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Wednesday, right?

Yeah, it's been one of those weeks. lol, I didn't leave the house today. It wasn't as nice today as it was yesterday.  It almost got up to 60˚ yesterday. A heatwave! Today's high was 41˚ so yeah. Oh well, that's winter for you! I didn't do much today. I did write and I am starting a digital cookbook on my iPad Mini! :)  I bought a notebook from DPCDigitals and I am going to make it into a cookbook. She actually has cookbooks, but I wanted a bit of a different design, so I bought one of her notebooks and I'm creating my own. It only has two recipes as of now. I have many more that I want to add that I have saved in Evernote.  The recipe page looks so neat, I love it. I like that I can design it however I want.  

I copied the picture of the dish from the website that had the recipe. I then copied the text and pasted it into GoodNotes. It looks great. I love creating digitally because it saves paper and I can fix mistakes so easily.  Here is an example of one of the pages:


I zoomed in and cut out the actual notebook around the page.  I think this looks great and I can have a consistent look throughout.  The font is KG Seven Sixteen if you are interested. I got it at one of the free font sites. I think it's a cute font. The recipe is from the Taste of Home website. The tiny text at the bottom says Recipe from Taste of Home website. I hope to do that on recipes to show where I found them.


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