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Unexpected thrift..

My friend texted me today and asked if I wanted to go eat. I always want to eat, so I said yes. :p  We did hit one thrift store while out. I found a couple of good things. One is a mini binder pencil pouch and the other is a Golla pouch. I mentioned sometime back that I had misplaced the Golla pouch that I used on every trip to the beach. I found a replacement online and used it on the last few trips before finding my original.  Well, tonight, I found another at Goodwill. It was brand new without the tags, but it still had the carabiner and the extra strap.  I grabbed it and now I have a spare. Nice! The other night I did find a Golla pouch, but it was a different kind of Golla. This is the one I use as a wallet for the beach. They are so handy. Here are my two finds from tonight.


Nice finds! I decided to wait until Saturday to start up season three of Sailor Moon Crystal in case I need to binge. :p

Sailor Moon Sunday, too!

Yup, guess what I binge-watched pretty much all day? I am now finished seasons one and two and only have season three to go. It has been SO good!  I am not sure when I'll start season three, but it won't be tonight as I'd like to get a few things done. LOL! I did get my bed linen washed and my hair. I have put away the laundry I washed yesterday and I just need to put the clean bed linens back on the bed. I wrote, but it wasn't a lot, so I'm going to write a bit more. Not a lot, but at least try to get to one thousand words. I have only 500 at the moment.  I wanted to get this typed up so I could post before I forget. I am going to write a bit more, put the linens back on, and then relax until bedtime. I haven't been sleeping well lately. Worst than usual, so I hope to sleep better tonight.  We'll see!

Sailor Moon on Saturday?

So, I am finally getting around to watching Sailor Moon Crystal on Hulu. I'm only up to episode five (just finished four) and it's so pretty! I have seen the entire original series all the way through more than once and i"m enjoying reliving it with this version. The art is stunning.  I'm going to stop watching for now and pick it up again tomorrow.  I have some things to do before bed and need to get relaxed and ready for that.  I will probably watch a bunch more tomorrow. I wish I had thought of starting it earlier today. :)


PS I just went through the tag for SMC on here and I already did start watching and then stopped for some reason? Weird. It was back in 2017! Sheesh. I know I didn't get through the first season and that might have been all there was then? Hmm....

Thrifting a bit

We went on our full thrifting trip today. I didn't find very many finds at all. It was sort of a thrifting fail for me. My friend found quite a few things he liked. I did find a few things but nothing spectacular. I found a little jack o lantern aluminum mini pan for baking. That is I found it at one store and it was the third store we'd been in and it was my first find! LOL! At the last Goodwill, I found a Golla pouch. I have one exactly like it in blue, this one is pink. I also found a little set of crafting things (It had some glitter glue, some regular glue, mini pom-poms, and some glitter things. I also found a mask.  That was the extent of my thrifting finds today. Exciting, no? :P  Here is the little pan and the pouch. You can see how small the little pan is:


Not the biggest haul, but I did get a few cute things. :)


Rainy day

Not much to report today. It was rainy, cooler, and sort of meh. I didn't go out at all. I did get a ton of dishes washed though. I'm so glad that is done.  I wrote too, of course.  Other than that, I've not really done anything. Not an exciting post eh? Oh well, at least I did make a post today, right? My friend and I are probably going on our weekly Friday thrift trip tomorrow.  Hopefully, I'll find something fun to share! :)

Hair 'fixed'

Well, I sucked it up today and went to get my hair fixed. The lady did a great job, but the back is not as short as I like it to be.  I don't know what to do about that. I wish I had realized when I was there. I thought she'd gotten it short as I like it, but once I got home and brushed it, I realized. I am not sure if I should go back tomorrow and ask for a fix or not. Would I have to pay again? If so, the fix is going to have to wait. :( At least I'm not embarrassed to be in public with my hair now. That part is good, I guess.  

Extra stress

I haven't heard anything else about the house situation, but I totally screwed up my hair tonight. It's been getting ridiculously long because I haven't been to a salon since before Covid. I got irritated with it tonight and chopped it off. It's uneven and looks horrible. I was going to go to Great Clips and get it fixed (if possible) but they closed in less than 30 minutes when I got done. I'm stuck with it until tomorrow and I am not sure I can even afford to go in then. Not to mention the total embarrassment of how it looks. I can't win. :(

Sunday, Starbucks, and stress...

I actually had no plans to go to Starbucks today or to even leave the house but I got a reminder on Facebook and it said that I visited Starbucks for the first time twelve years ago, today. :) I went for my anniversary! I have been in a state of stress most of this week and weekend.  The only thing that gave me a lift was finding that Instant Pot on Friday. I may lose the only home I've ever known because I trusted my sister. It's a long story and I don't want to say ore as I'm still upset but I'm trying to keep calm. I saw a lady with realtor tags taking pictures of my house on Wednesday and I went out to ask what she was doing and all I got was 'she was taking pictures for the company' I was going to ask 'what company' but another neighbor came out and said she wanted to know that too and they lady drove off. ~_~ I have no idea what to do, I've lived here my entire life. I am disabled and I can not afford to live anywhere else. I was supposed to be allowed to live here until I die.  I am not sure what is going to happen, but I really do not want to leave here.  What I have learned from this? Don't trust family. Ever.

Okay, sorry for the depressing post. I didn't mean to spill all that out.  I haven't seen or heard anything since then and since I have no clue who that lady was with, I can't find out more info. So, if you've ever enjoyed my blog or given me a small thought, please send all the good thoughts my way. I want to stay here in my house as I was promised.

In other Sunday news, I did all my usual chores. The only thing left is to get the bed linen from the dryer and get it back on my bed.   I haven't slept well in days, obviously, but I'm hoping to be able to tonight. Fresh bed linen is so comforting and nice.

Thrifting today

My friend and I went on our thrifting trip today. I didn't find a lot of things, but a few little ones. My friend found a great item and he bought it for me! What was it? A BRAND NEW still in the box, all items there, Instant Pot! :D This is the six-quart one so it's twice as big as mine. It's so nice. It has everything as it was literally brand new in the box. Even came with a little recipe book! :p  The best goodie of mine was a Starbucks tumbler from 2004. Here are my two favorite things found:


Very happy to find that Instant Pot. Now I can make bigger-sized recipes. ^____^ By the way, how much was it? $30! Score!

Friday follies

Sorry about not posting for so long. I've been on several thrift trips since I last posted. The trips before today were okay. I only found a few things, some good, some just okay. Today's haul though was pretty special. I found a Starbucks tumbler from 2004 that is very cool.  I also found a brand new pair of Keds, in my size, for $17. That might not sound very exciting until I tell you they are Kate Spade Keds! :D  So sparkly. I couldn't pass them up.  Regular Keds are about $35 brand new, I think, these retail for $85.00. Score!  It was cool to find them and in my size too. They ARE a bit narrow, but I think they'll be okay. Of course, I look at them on the Keds site and it says, "Now in wide!" :p


Aren't they cute? This was a great find. Other things I got today included the Starbucks tumbler I mentioned, a smart plug (that works great!!!), a Sak wristlet, various little fun things, and an Odie plush. Odie is the dog in the Garfield strips in case you didn't know. I had a nice haul, but I spent way too much. Oops!

Yesterday's thrift!

So, we went on our regular route yesterday.  I didn't find any big finds, but several little ones.  Nothing spectacular. My favorite thing was a little binder/book that is a ticket stub collector. You put the stub in the little sleeve and there is a place to write beside it. I thought that was pretty neat.  I found that at the Walkertown Goodwill.  All my items were little things.  A bundle of items (a zipper pouch, two little plastic divider cases, and some safety scissors.) One of the cases had two rolls of washi! lol  I got a little metal desk organizer, some makers new in the box, a ziplock bag with some whiteboard markers, and some push pins. I got a few other random things like that. Not a huge haul, but a lot of little things. All in all, not a bag haul, just a small one.  

Today, I'm staying in and relaxing. It was warmer the last two days, but it's cooler again today and will be for a bit. It was nice to have the warmer weather while it lasted!  I have written and have more to write before I'm done today. I fixed lunch in the Instant Pot! I used the rest of the chicken that I had and put it in with some barbeque sauce and a little water since the sauce was really thick.  Put it on for eight minutes and had some delicious barbeque chicken breasts for lunch. Delicious! I can't wait to try more advanced recipes in it. :)

Whee and D'oh!

My Instant Pot inner pot came today. I was very happy to get it. I washed it and had it ready to go. I went to the grocery store to pick up some fresh chicken to cook in it. Well, I didn't know how to set the time, so I set it for 3 hours instead of the 3 minutes the recipe called for. LOL! Luckily, I caught on and was able to fix that.  It didn't hurt it at all cooking longer so that was good.  The bottled sauce I used was really thick and it said to not use thick sauces in there without watering them down some. I did, but I watered it down a bit too much.  With all of this, and me wondering if I had a defective one. (I didn't realize how long it took to get to pressure!) It came actually came out pretty well!  The chicken was tender and delicious.  I will try this again with less water in the sauce and I think it will be better. I went lazy for the rice and just fixed a streamer bag of Basmati in the microwave. All in all, a good first attempt.  I can learn from my mistakes. I have more of the chicken I bought today and I'm going to try it tomorrow with another type of sauce and see how that goes.  So, here is my Teriyaki chicken and rice:


Not bad for a first attempt. I now have the basics down so I will be good to go next time. :)


My friend and I decided to head back to Reidsville hoping we'd be able to find the pot for my Instant Pot. No luck on that, but I did find the little condensation catcher behind some things on a shelf! :D The same guy that checked us out last night was there and we told him about the missing items and that we'd found this one. He let me keep it since it went with the pot. I was very happy to find it. The replacement inner pot I bought comes tomorrow and I can't wait to try it out. :) The only thing I won't have that came with it originally is the rack for steaming and I'm very unlikely to use the steamer anyway. Maybe someday I'll find one second-hand. For now, I'm happy. I did find some cute Valentine's day cards in a little pack. I am going to send those to my penpals when I write letters soon. That will be fun to add. I hope they like them. I do, they are cute!

I added an Instant Pot section to my digital cookbook last night. I think I mentioned this last night, too.  Oh well! I did put on a recipe in there last night. One for cooking a batch of brown rice. I'm going to look up something fun and simple to try tomorrow. I don't have any brown rice in the house now, so I can't try that one. :p I do have some frozen chicken and some sauces, I might try something like that. I wish that replacement pot would come. I want to try it. Ahhh!