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I am not dead and I'm truly sorry I haven't posted since the fourth of this month!  I am going to try to set a goal and post every day in April and hopefully, I can keep that up. I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo starting tomorrow. As of now, I'm just adding to a work in progress, but I'm leaning toward the third book in my skater trilogy.  AHHHH I haven't done a bit of planning except to watch some pair figure skating.  I will know for sure tomorrow what I'm doing. I could easily get back into my skater story, but... I don't know... ah!  Anyway, sorry I haven't posted, I'm not dead. I hope to post more often.  See you tomorrow. I will update you tomorrow and let you know what I'm doing for NaNoWriMo. Maybe I'll be crazy and do both! 


I meant to post last night but I never got around to it. I thought about it too late to get one in.  I didn't really do much yesterday. Today, my friend and I did our usual thrift trip.  I didn't find a lot this trip.  It was a bit of a letdown. I did find one nice Starbucks ceramic 8oz tumbler at the Goodwill in Reidsville. It's immaculate. I don't think it was ever used.


I also found a cool Halloween book and a sleep aid device. The sleep device is $60 on Amazon. :O


Oh and here is the lid of the Starbucks tumbler:


All in all not a lot of finds, but several pretty good ones. The other things I found were a lingerie laundry bag, a steno notebook, a box of straws, and a 9volt battery! lol

I need more!

I bet you can guess what that title means, eh?  I just finished watching the two Sailor Moon Crystal movies. SO GOOD. Now I need two movies or a series for Sailor Stars, please. I enjoyed both movies. So good. I needed some good things today.  My friend's little Cocoa had to go to the Rainbow Bridge tonight and I couldn't be there with her.  I loved little Cocoa as my own. I pup sat for her many times over the years.  Such a sweet pup.  I miss you my little Cocoa.


So, guess who watched the entire third season of Sailor Moon Crystal last night and today? Yup, me. :p SO good. Now I have to see the movies. Ahhh. Of course, 
they are on Netflix and I don't have it. I'm hoping my friend will let me watch on his. I want to see them.  Crystal was so well done. I hope the movies are as good. 

In other news, we did our usual small thrift today.  Just Reidsville. I found a few things but my favorite is a lamp I found. It's actually a kids lamp as I found out after looking it up on Amazon, but I don't care. It's so cute! Here is the picture from Amazon:


Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 8.25.09 PM

It's just that cute!  It's no longer being sold on Amazon, so I have no idea what it cost new, but I got it for $5.00!  Very cute and I love the colors. If you can't tell, the lampshade is faux fur! :p   My other finds were some blank labels (for making return address labels), a Starbucks mug, a sleep mask, and a pretty glass with daisies painted on it.  Not a huge haul, but I fun one.  I need to write a bit more as I haven't written as much as I planned today. With thrifting and watching Sailor Moon, I didn't get enough time. Oh! I did run to Starbucks for my traditional first-of-the-month visit. Now, I'm going to relax and possibly write some more. If not, it's not a huge deal as I DID write some today. One of my resolutions for 2022 was to write every day even it was just a few lines. :)