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A few finds...

Here are a few of yesterday's finds.  I found a still sealed Pusheen blind box at one of the Goodwill stores.  This is what was in it:


So cute! She is a keychain.  The little towel she is sitting on is removable. The other items I wanted to share were these two Paris-themed canvases. They will go nicely with the other smaller Paris-themed canvas I got recently.


One of the other items I found was in a plastic bag. It's some kind of sleep headband with sound. I thought that was pretty unusual. What I didn't know is that it was stuffed in a bag with a black beanie that has speakers built-in.  So, I got a sleep band and a 'headphone' beanie.  Neat. I haven't tried either out yet, but they look complete/new. I'm currently charging the beanie because I'm curious! :p


Small thrift

My friend and I went to one of our favorite places to eat today so we went to a couple of Goodwill stores, too. I didn't a lot. At one, I got two books, an old HTML one and a Wordpress one.  At the other, I found a few little things and one huge nostalglic one! What was that? Well, when I was little, I had a cool thing from Whitman that was 56 games in one box. I've found modern versions of this, but nothing beats the old one that I had.  It was lost many years ago, but I found one today and it's MINT. It looks almost brand new and it's from 1976. Nice! I even remember some of the little game 'boards' in there. Cool!  Here is the box, it's in such great condition.


I'm very happy that I found this. It was so much fun to see it again after all this time. :) By the way, I paid .99¢!

Vomit clock!

My friend and I thrifted today and I found something that I've seen in multiple thrifting groups but had never seen in person. What is that? A vomit clock. The one I found was in the Salvation Army in Reidsville and it was a whole $3.99!  Yes, I bought it! :P  Vomit clock is a term used to describe these clocks:


This thing is HEAVY and it works! :D I plugged it in when I got home and sure enough, it works. Nice.  Here is a link explaining vomit clock for those who might not have heard the term:   What is a vomit clock?




I tried the spaghetti today that I fixed yesterday. It's delicious!  I will definitely do it like this again. It was so easy and it was all done in one pot! I love my Instant Pot!  I don't know how my friend liked his portion yet. He was supposed to eat when he got home from work this afternoon and got involved in working on something.  I'm still waiting to hear what he thought. As for me, I like it. I had my portion for lunch and dinner. I gave him a lot more than I saved out for myself, so I really hope he likes it!

I finally got my butt out of the house today to do my recycling. I've been meaning to do it for weeks.  I did that and then ran Goontz to the car wash. I really need a car cover. The pollen and bird dropping are getting out of hand! :p  In other news did write for Camp today. I'm doing well to write every day and I'm consistent with my word count. The only thing is, I'm not sure I'm going to finish the book by the end of April. I WILL have 50,000 words, but I will not be at the end of my work. I think I might just get to my 50,000 words and continue until April 30. Then, I'll pick the story back up in July for the second Camp. Then, I have to find something totally new for November. We'll see how it goes.



Busy day!

Yes, Sunday is my busy day. I did my usual. I washed my hair and bed linen. I put away the clothes from yesterday, and ran out long enough to ail something that needed to go out in tomorrow's mail.  I also made some spaghetti in my Instant Pot!  It was my first actual recipe. I've only put meat in there with sauce up to this point, so I wanted to try something different. I did it mainly for my friend. He likes spaghetti. Since he got me the Instant Pot, I wanted to make something he'd like. He came later this evening and took a container home. I guess I'll find out tomorrow if he likes it or not! lol I didn't eat any of my portion yet. I didn't take a taste bite and it seemed to be pretty tasty. I'll have a nice portion of it tomorrow for one of my meals. Here it si in the Instant Pot. I'm not sure why it looks like there are yellow spots, there are no yellow spots! 


Saturday again

Yeah, boring title, boring post!  I didn't do much today. I did my writing for Camp NaNoWriMo of course. I went out and got the front lawn mown so that is done. I also did a load of laundry. I've been tired all day and I am so sleepy. I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I'm hoping to break that cycle tonight. The other thing I did today was finally put away a bunch of my thrift finds that have been stacking up. I need more room or that craft cart I mentioned. :p

Fun finds today!

I didn't find a lot of things today, but I did find two ceramic Starbucks tumblers, a Pusheen up, and a Bath and Body Works candle. I found other things too, but these are the ones I took pictures of to share! :P


The first Starbucks tumbler was from 2012 and looks quilted. The second one is from 2016. The Pusheen cup was a great find! I love Pusheeen so I had to have that.  The B&BW candle smells AMAZING. 


I got into fixing the drawers on my little rolling craft cart last night. I meant to only pull a few out and see if I could try a fix and then ended up working on every drawer and repairing them the best I could. I truly wish I could get a complete set of replacement parts for it.  Some of the pieces have fallen off over time and I've lost some. I was able to get a lot of repairs done to it and it's looking a lot better. The drawers now fit in their slot and are not all willy-nilly!  I still want to work on it a bit more if I find more pieces.  If I knew what to look for at Amazon, I would look up parts and replace them myself!  Anyway, that is what I got caught up in last night. I didn't even stop for dinner!  The drawers are now a lot more sturdy and I hope to work on them again at some point. I did clean a bunch of unnecessary stuff that had gotten tossed in there over time. That will help too! I want to have an area for all my crafting things.  I REALLY need a place to keep everything together and organized. That is my goal. I would show you the repaired cart, but it's in my messy closet. That is another thing I need to work on. I had it somewhat organized not too long ago and it's back to the way it was. OOPS!  I wish I had the money and the space for that cool craft center that I've seen. It folds up when not in use. It has space for everything! I can dream, right?

Tuesday Thrift

I found a few goodies today when my friend and I did our usual Tuesday thrift run.  At Salvation Army, I got a sign that I have been meaning to buy the last two to three times we went in there. I finally picked it up today. Here it is:

I love it! I am going to hang it with the tin Paris sign I found while thrifting not too long ago.  I found one other very cool item in there. It's a wristlet that was brand new, it's Maruca brand. All their items are handmade in Boulder Colorado. I love this wristlet. It retails for $45.00. I paid $3! I love a deal and I love this little pouch/wristlet. It's definitely going to get some use as soon as the thrift store smell airs out. It's so cute! here is that front and back:


So cute and I will love using it.  Lastly, we went to Goodwill. I found three things there, but I'm only sharing a picture of one as I didn't take a picture of the other two items. :P  I got a 'neon' crescent moon lamp, a fiber optic light-up penguin, and a little metal tin with Jack 'o lanterns on it.  All three are very cute items. Here is the lamp:


I love it!  It wasn't a huge trip or a lot of finds, but it was a lot of good finds.  :)


Monday.. how exciting.

Haha, I didn't know what to use for a title, so there you go! Sorry I didn't get to post in time yesterday. I was busy, busy! I washed my bed linen, washed my hair, put away laundry from the day before, did a bit of cleaning, and also went out to the post office to check my box.  I got a few new letters so now I have them all. I hope to sit down and write everyone this week.  I"m behind again, but I'm hoping with being able to create cute envelopes it will encourage me to write more often!

As for Camp, I'm plugging along. I am now at 32,202 words! :D I'm very happy.  I have ways to go, but I'm over the halfway mark and I'm pacing myself well, so that is great. My skaters have been to their first competition of the year and they won, they are due for several more AND they have the Olympics! The series is called Olympic  Dreams after all! This is book three The Olympic Games  It's going well.  I have my other story to get back to when it's done and a couple more in the works. One is a story I mentioned that I want to re-write and the other is one that I only did a bit of a start on years ago. I'd like to explore that one too. As for the current one, I edited the last day's work on that yesterday. I last wrote on it on March 31 as I put it aside for Camp. I think I'll be ready to go back into it fresh on May 1st. I needed to edit that last day and I figured why not go ahead?

So, there is a decent update. I'm plugging along on my writing and I hope to get my pen pal letters written and out this week!  OH! One other thing. My crazy dryer needed some repair yesterday. I wasn't able to fix what I needed as I didn't have the things I needed. I ran out this afternoon and got those and I am pretty sure I fixed it. Go me! :)

Saturday again... I think... ha ha

Yes, my days are a bit mixed up since my friend and I did our Friday trip on Thursday. Oh well, I did do my laundry today as I should have on a Saturday, so that is good. I even cleaned up a bit and washed the few dishes I had. I also FINALLY put away the ton of dishes I washed last Sunday. lol Oops!  Yeah, I kept putting it off, it's done now and I just hope to put away the few I washed today before next weekend. :p

I made more envelopes today. That is so much fun and they look great, too. I already addressed a stack of them and I hope to write my pen pals tomorrow or Monday and get a stack of mail out.  I need to run by the post office and check my box for any new letters. I know I have some, as I get Informed Delivery. I just need to run and get them. I had an unexpected errand today and should have gone by there then, but I didn't. What was the errand? I caught a tiny little mouse in my room today and I carried him to the park to release him. He was so cute!  Want to see him? I carried him down there in an old McDonald's cup. 


Look at that little cutie pie!  I hope he likes his new home and lives a good long life there. :)