UGH again
No change

A bit of relief...

No, the 15" MBP is not working. I am still using the 13" one, but guess what? It had Big Sur on it! :D  Patched Sur is no longer being made or updated, so I went looking at information about that and found another patch program that lets you put the newer version of Mac OS on your older laptop.  It works. I have Big Sur on here. It makes me feel a lot better so I'm used to it.  It's pretty zippy too! :P. I am not adding a lot of things to this little MBP. All my files are on an external hard drive except for my music and it was all on my classic iPod. I can move that only whatever I need. For now, I'm just going to move a few files to this and leave those there. I can grab whatever if the need arises. I do have Scrivener on here, of course, and yes, I wrote these past few days. A couple of those days were just a few lines, but I wrote!  

It's weird going back to the smaller MBP after using the larger one.  OH! I did something as a test.  I tried putting this hard drive in that and it gave me the back screen and was unresponsive as it had with the old drive. I think the MBP itself was faulty and screwed up the hard drive. I will work on them both later, but for now, I'm going to give it a break for a few days. Yes, I still would prefer a new MBP, but I can deal for now. As long as I have Big Sur, I'm happy.


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