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Tuesday evening post

We are back in the room after a successful thrift trip.  We went to three Goodwills and he went to two pawn stores.  I found a Starbucks tumbler in one. It's a nice one from 2011.  I found another, complete Happy Planner, some other little things, and.... a snap-on case that fits my MacBook!  It is my color too!  $3 at a Goodwill and it has the keyboard skin with it. Nice! What are the odds that I would find one? I had ordered one from Amazon earlier before we left. I'm going to pick it up from an Amazon locker location while we are down here.  It will be nice to have an extra. That one is colorful and patterned. Here is the one I found tonight.


It's not so light blue in normal light. It's teal/turquoise. :D I love that shade of blue!  I was amazed to find this. Yay! I took a few night shots of the ocean from the balcony before I sat down to post this. Here they are.


Signing off for today, see you tomorrow! :) By the way, I also got Starbucks while we were out. :p

Beach standard time!

Sorry for the simple post earlier. Yes, I'm here at Myrtle Beach! :D. We got in around 1 ish.  We were able to check-in immediately, but the room had issues.  We went out while they fixed them because they said they didn't have anymore more rooms. Riiiight. Anyway! He fixed the issues, mostly, and we are here.  While we waited, we went to a Goodwill and my friend went to a Pawnshop. I told him to look for MacBook Pros while he was in there. He got done, came out and said there were three, two Airs and a Pro. Of course, I asked what kind and he said he didn't know. LOL. He told me to go in and look, so I did! The MacBook Pro was a 2020 M1 in Space Grey. OMG, I wanted it but it was a bit too much for me. It was a great deal, but I didn't want to spend that much.  Well, we left and came back to the room, we ordered food, and. I kept thinking about that damn M1 MBP!  He told me about some deals for that place and I found a 10% coupon. I called to see if they would do a coupon like that. THEY WOULD. Guess what I now own? :D Still more than I should have spent, but I'm going to try to sell some Fossil bags to pay it off faster. He drove me back down there, I made sure there was a charger for it before I bought it, there was.  I also checked to make sure everything worked, it did. :)  I've already gotten it set up; with my important apps. Scrivener, Evernote, and Chrome. It's so pretty! :D


Luckily, I brought my USB a to USB c converter plug so i can use my mouse. :)


Sorry about yesterday, I forgot to post. I slept horribly last night so I'm very tired today.  It was well after 4 am when I got to sleep and then I kept waking up. Ugh! :( I hope to sleep like a log tonight. We'll see!  I WILL be posing tomorrow for sure. Look for that. :)


I totally forgot to post yesterday. I don't know what happened with that. I did my grocery shopping yesterday and that was a pain so maybe that was it! lol. I really needed to go, so I'm glad I did. I bought some chicken to make in the Instant Pot. I thought it was. nice size package with a bunch of chicken breasts in it. It was packaged with three HUGE chicken breasts. I mean HUGE. LOL. They were so big, that I used two in the IP with some bbq sauce and froze the other one.   I will fix it later. I SHOULD have cut it into small portions but I didn't think about it at the time. Oops.

I washed my dishes today and that was another thing I needed to do! I have to mow the front again either tomorrow or Sunday.  I don't want to do that either, but it has to be done.  I am glad I remembered to blog today! My favorite digital planner shop on Etsy, DPCDigitals released the CUTEST sticker sets today. I bought them and I love them. I decorated today's daily page with some of them. Her stuff is literally SO CUTE and she has a ton of freebies on her website too! Check that out if you are new to digital planning and want to try it out.

So tired

I slept horribly last night and I've been dragging all day. I really needed to go to the grocery store, but that did not happen. I am hoping to go tomorrow, though. I did get some writing done and it might not be my best because of just how damn tired I was!  Oh well, I can go over it tomorrow and edit it. At least I wrote. That is the important thing! 

I did get all my daily pages set up in my journal for next month. It's ready to go and looks so cute. I just love all of DPCDigitals things! I'm using a 2022 planner, I add the dailies myself. She gives you four different templates to make your dailies, so each month I pick the template and put it in there and that is what I use to digitally plan. It's fun and easy.

Writing, wow.

Yes, my story is coming along well. I wrote a little over 3000 words today. Yay! I am enjoying this story. The hard drive on the other hand is a fail. I was not able to erase it. I might try again later, but for now, I'm really going to leave it alone. One good thing did come out of it though.  I was in recovery mode on the Mac trying to see if I could erase/fix there. My Time Machine backup drive works, but it would not show the backup file. D'oh! I tried it on both my 13" MBP and my older Macbook. It didn't show up on either. Weird. So, tomorrow, I think I'll reformat that old drive and do Time Machine over. After that, I'll try it again and see if Time Machine actually shows up when I get to that prompt. Wish me luck! Actually, I show actually start it tonight and let it run all night. It's probably going to take that long to do a backup. Wish me luck! lol


I wasn't able to erase the drive. I will try again tomorrow. I have a few more methods to explore.  It is still recognizing it so that part is good. I may not even erase it at this point. I'm not sure I'd trust it to use as my main HD after this. We'll see how it goes. Was looking at the M1 Macbooks today and wishing. It's going to remain a wish as I don't have that kind of money. ^^;

There is hope...

So, I tried all kinds of things today with the messed-up drive and I actually got it to mount on my desktop! I was so shocked that I just stared at it a bit. LOL, I was able to pull over a few things I'd missed when I was grabbing things before it stopped working. Then, I began several options to erase the drive so I could start over. After trying different options and getting errors, it's currently doing something. It says it's erasing the disk and creating a fresh one, but we'll see! I am hopeful since I finally go the drive to mount. I was beginning to totally lose hope. It still may not erase and it could be irreparably damaged, but at least I DID get it to mount again. So, wish me luck!

I did my usual Sunday chores today too. The bed linen is back on the bed and waiting for me! I have everything else done except a backup to Time Machine. I'll wait and see if this drive is going to be fixable and then I'll do a  TM backup tomorrow. Luckily, I just did one a few days ago, so I'm good. :)Also, I wrote a bit over 3000 words today! Yay!

Frustration and happiness

Frustrating because I spent a lot of time today trying to get that drive erased (no luck)! The happiness is that my story is going well. I wrote just over 2500 words on it! :) The characters are going their own way as I mentioned yesterday and I'm fine with that. I still have to decide if I want to change the title or not. It fits the original idea, but it also can work with the way it's going too. I'll leave it for now.  I am enjoying it as it's my characters (that I've used in different stories) in a totally new configuration. It's been fun but a little challenging too!


The new drive enclosure I got today didn't work at all. sigh I don't know what to do now.  I did a return. I'm not sure if I want to even try to order another one. It's just so frustrating! In other news, I started a new story today. It was the one I mentioned when I was working on Camp. It's an old story that I'm completely re-doing. I like it so far. I think it will work. I also feel the characters are going to get ahead of me so I might have to change the name of the story soon. lol

Thursday the 19th

Yeah, I was struggling for a title. Sue me. :p. My friend and I went to eat today at one of our favorite places. We also went to one Goodwill. I only got a few pencil/makeup pouches.  Not a lot, but it was something. One of them has an elastic strap on the back so you can attach it to a planner, nice! :)

In computer news, I ordered another enclosure today to try that. I am not sure if the one I have is the issue with not being able to erase the old drive, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to try.  It's coming tomorrow so I'll give it a go and see if that helps. I hope so, if not, well I'll try something else and then give up! 

Backup done!

I actually started it last night after I posted here. It took an hour and a half, but it's all backed up on Time Machine. :). Now, I need to get that 2 TB drive working. Soon.  I hope. lol.  I didn't do a lot today. I wrote. I needed to write a good bit because yesterday I didn't get much written. I was happy to get a good amount out today.  I am just finishing up a dramatic portion of the story. I am not sure what is coming next! I also want to start the other story I mentioned during Camp NaNo. I just need to figure out how to start that one. 

One other thing, I mowed the front yard today. That is always a PITA! :P