Frustration and happiness

There is hope...

So, I tried all kinds of things today with the messed-up drive and I actually got it to mount on my desktop! I was so shocked that I just stared at it a bit. LOL, I was able to pull over a few things I'd missed when I was grabbing things before it stopped working. Then, I began several options to erase the drive so I could start over. After trying different options and getting errors, it's currently doing something. It says it's erasing the disk and creating a fresh one, but we'll see! I am hopeful since I finally go the drive to mount. I was beginning to totally lose hope. It still may not erase and it could be irreparably damaged, but at least I DID get it to mount again. So, wish me luck!

I did my usual Sunday chores today too. The bed linen is back on the bed and waiting for me! I have everything else done except a backup to Time Machine. I'll wait and see if this drive is going to be fixable and then I'll do a  TM backup tomorrow. Luckily, I just did one a few days ago, so I'm good. :)Also, I wrote a bit over 3000 words today! Yay!


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